10 February 2012

When Modern Conveniences Go Bad

Once upon a time, not so very long ago,

Aimee and Farmer Boy remodeled their kitchen and dining room.

And Aimee was incredibly happy with the sage colored walls,

the laminate flooring,

the oak cabinets,

the black metal cabinet knobs,

the new white double sink and high faucet,
the dark countertops,

the big kitchen island...

and the new appliances.

And all was well in Aimee's 'kitchendom' until the day (or was it night) one of those new appliances ceased to operate.

Now Aimee could (and has, at times, since then ) bemoaned her fate--the fate of a homemaker who can only look at her almost new dishwasher and remember the sweet memories of days gone by: the lovely splish splash of hot water swirling, the melodic hum of it cleaning dirty pots and pans, the incredible feeling of power it brought her to press a button, walk away and then come back to clean --- and fully sanitized dishes.

But alas, those things are all things of the past until her sweet and gifted Farmer Boy can properly diagnose and repair its current ailment...

Alas, saith a very sad Aimee as she reflects on the 'truth' that...

the life of new dishwashers seems considerably shorter these days.

Blessings, Aimee

By the Sea in Seaside

Often my trips to Seaside involve only seeing it from Highway 101

as I head to and from Astoria...

but there is much, much more to this seaside town then just the highway.

This time as were driving through, I spied the Chamber of Commerce and made a stop to get directions to Young's River Falls...and came away with a whole lot more.

So after our trip to the falls, Astor Column, Svensen Island, Home Bakery and more...

we made our way back to there to follow up on some of the leads we were given earlier that day.

I'm so glad we did---because Seaside is a whole different place in the winter!

Of course, I had been to the boardwalk before...

but the lighting and setting were SO wonderful how could I not go again? And this time, I could get wonderful photos of the beach! While in the area we also followed up on leads for chocolate--after all my Farmer Boy LOVES his chocolate and it was his only request when I asked him what he wanted from the beach.

We found parking quite easily--something harder to do in the busier seasons and while my friend went in to buy chocolate, I enjoyed the architecture of the buildings downtown

(Broadway and surrounding streets) and ...

the public art

(ok I'm ready for summer now)!

And then we enjoyed a lovely meal of seafood salads and clam chowder

(well she enjoyed her fabulous clam chowder and I enjoyed one bite of it,

bemoaning my fate of having lactose intolerance)!

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day...

and I know that I'll be back to this city by the sea:)
Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Does your heart sing when you think of the ocean?
Or is it the mountains or desert that make your spirit soar?

Blessings, Aimee

Note: Seaside and nearby Gearhart are located on the northern Oregon coast, between Astoria (to the north) and Cannon Beach (to the south). It is very popular with young people and others, especially during spring break holidays and the summer season. Seaside is known for its boardwalk along the beach, shopping, other family friendly activities and PNW history (the Lewis and Clark expedition).

07 February 2012

A Trip Back in Time: East Linn Museum

Have you ever wondered how your ancestors lived? What they wore? How they accomplished their daily chores? What kind of things they had in their homes? Sometimes, if we are lucky, we get a picture of our ancestors lives through journals, photos and possessions that have been passed on down through the generations. We may also learn more about them and their lives through local histories, newspapers of the day or old books. And then, of course, there are other records: church, civil and family. But another, very tangible way of finding out more about our ancestors is to tour historical museums in the area they lived...

Would you like to come with me as I learn more about how our family lived? The sign above the door to the museum says it all---"that those to come may know". I want to know so let's go!

Behind the beautiful model of a covered bridge are some very old photos of people who used to live here. I recognize some of the names...but where have I seen them before? Was it on a census, in the local cemetery or elsewhere? Some families have been here for a very, very long time--I don't blame them, it's a beautiful location--no wonder the name of this town, Sweet Home.

Just in time for Valentine's Day...old wedding dresses. The fabric and the details are beautiful! What do you think? Can you see yourself wearing one of these or do you prefer a more modern look? Do you have any ancestral wedding photos or perhaps some vintage clothing?

Shall we tour the kitchen? The so called heart of the home?

Put yourself in your ancestor's shoes--imagine baking and cooking without modern appliances.
I bet we could do it, don't you (even though I have been complaining about my broken dishwasher)? But what would it be like? How many extra hours would it add to your day?
What about this outfit? Do you like it? I have a Pioneer costume; for awhile I was a docent in a historical setting--it was fun, but really hot. I suppose it would take time to get used to wearing a long dress with long sleeves; an apron and bonnet, but I think there is something very, very special about old clothing.

I have a little cast iron stove a bit like this one...it was my grandma's; perhaps she bought it because it reminded her of times past? I would try cooking on an earthstove if I had one--not for everything but defintely for some things. After all, if you are using one to heat your home, why not let it serve dual purposes?

I inherited my grandma's old sewing machine but it isn't this old. This is pretty neat! Can you imagine the excitement in the family when they were able to purchase a sewing machine? It reminds me of that scene in Yentl--hum I hope that is spelled right. Think of how every new invention truly did make our forefathers lives easier.

Oh look! Those quilts against the wall? Beautiful!

Now I LOVE these old clothespins and the items hanging from the clothesline.
This is something a lot of bloggers still do---I know that items line dried smell fabulous;
we just don't have a real good area for it right now and with the PNW weather it would be a bit of a challenge...still it is obviously something that can (and was) done.

Ahh! A baby carriage (or would they call it a tram)? And look at the cute baby crib...I bet that would not pass safety inspections today and yet hundreds of babies slept in one similar to this.
Wonder what it would be like to be a child at this time? What type of toys would you play with? What kind of games would you play? Most likely you would have a bigger family than you probably grew up with? It was quite common in my ancestral families to have large families of 12 or so children; even my mother had 5 siblings. Of course some of my ancestors had smaller families, but it was not the norm. I sometimes wish I could have had that experience, but since I married into a larger family, in a way I do:)

And then along came the phone--wonderful invention which has made it possible for families and friends to keep in touch. Oh, oh---I feel the urge to 'age' myself...do you remember 'party lines'? How about rotary phones? And what about the first 'mobile' phones?
Yep, taking trips back in time can be a lot of fun as you learn more about your ancestors' lives and even recall how much things have changed in your lifetime.
For those with family roots in the Linn county area,
or those passing through the area who are curious about local history:
East Linn Museum
746 Long Street, Sweet Home

And for those of you that have an interest in family history,
I highly recommend visiting local historical and cultural museums, attending heritage festivals...it is another way to learn more about the people you call your ancestors.

Note: a BIG thank you to the East Linn Museum volunteer who gave me permission to photograph their collections (not all posted here) and to blog about it! I truly feel blessed by this privilege and appreciate your kindness very much! Hope to be back this year and tour the museum and your beautiful area again!

More in the Land of Linn

As I have said many times I love history and historical buildings;
I especially love it when our family has ancestral connections there.
I think of what this beautiful land looked like then--
when the rivers ran free
and the towns were smaller.
I imagine them crossing bridges, like this one, on their way into town from their farm.
I wonder if they looked up, like me, and admired the beams and structure of the bridge's ceiling.
A part of me longs to have lived here when they did--
when the rivers ran free
and the towns were smaller.
I wonder what it would be like to have grown up here then.
Time to find out.

Next: a trip back in time...

Short Covered Bridge, Cascadia area
Weddle Covered Bridge, Sweet Home (Sankey Park)
Dahlenburg Covered Foot Bridge, Sweet Home (Sankey Park)
Whitmore Covered Foot Bridge, Sweet Home (Clover Park)

Other Posts from the 'Land of Linn'
here, here, here and here (the last post being a historical mill)

Other covered bridges outside Linn County
here (King's Highway, Polk County)
here (another one on King's Highway, Benton County)
and more being added:)


I'm very bad when it comes to eating breakfast.

In fact, I tend to just grab something quick (and sometimes not the healthiest) unless we are eating out or my DH is home. After getting very hypoglycemic yesterday, I decided a change was in order...so I am pleased to introduce you to Aimee's Tuesday morning breakfast.

Oatmeal, PNW muesli and yogurt, dates, banana, cracked wheat toast with Swedish lingonberry preserves and spreadable butter, Norwegian swiss cheese. Very, very yummy and very, very filling (couldn't finish it all) but I am thinking I will experiment with a higher protein one tomorrow...although a Dutch Baby pancake sounds really good.

What do you eat for breakfast? Do you grab a snack mid morning too?

Blessings, Aimee

Thinking Pink

Lately I can't get enough pink.

Pink vases

and other pink decorative items.

Pink bowls and plates.

Pink and white printed sugar paper,

pink candy pearls,

pink kitchen sponges,

pink camellia...

I am craving pink!

Yep, Valentine's Day must be just a week away:)

Oh--I am loving heart shaped items too.


What colors are you decorating with these days?



06 February 2012

Coming Soon (Reminder for Me)

Photos from:
NW Clatsop County , Oregon
East Linn County, Oregon
Historical Museum
Valentine's Day

  • I wonder if we will ever have 'normal' PNW weather again

  • I wonder if I will ever get caught up on my housework

  • I wonder how long it will take me to get all the way through my book of places I want to see

  • I wonder if that is even possible, because the more wildlife refuges, historical sites, family sites, beautiful sites I find out about, the longer my list becomes

  • I wonder if we will be able to plant early this year

  • I wonder if we will get anymore snow

  • I wonder how long the pruning will take (especially of the kiwis)

  • I wonder how much I will get done today IF I log off our computer now...

  • I wonder if you are having a good day.

  • I wonder what you are thinking of right now.

  • I wonder what you see when you look out your window.

  • I wonder about your land (nation)

  • I wonder a lot about a lot of things, but now it is time to wander off to the kitchen for breakfast and chores:)

Blessings, Aimee

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