07 August 2010

Time of Blessing

Even with our current life's storms, blessings in our life have been abundant.
This week we have been spending time with one of our biggest blessings.
And of course, just like her mom, this blessing likes to travel.
So for those of you who'd like to join us...

it's road trip time!
When times are rough,
I've learned to look high and low for the blessings that surround all of us-
even in the difficult times-
in this case I had to look high!
I've also learned that
blessings come in a lot of different sizes and shapes;
some of my favorites have feathers.
Blessings are found in all sorts of place too.
We found ours this week at the beach,
along rivers and bays
in the mountains
at home.

Well I could go on--and I will--but since later today we are meeting with more of the blessings in our life...
and since I am FINALLY getting tired,
it's time to say good night and join my Farmer Boy blessing:)
May you find blessings in your life
today and every day!
Photos taken at various locations on the central Oregon coast and in the coast range.
More road trip photos later:)

04 August 2010

The Word on Wednesday

Before I answered our ringing phone I knew who it was.
Over the next few moments my sibling explained what mom's tests had revealed in terms of diagnosis and prognosis.
It was not good news, but many of the questions we had all been asking over the last few months now had answers. There would not be much time left and some things had already slipped away--soon our prayer warrior would be gone and life would never be the same again. Honestly, it already felt different.
Phone call ended, headache birthed, I told my DH I was going outside and stepped out onto our deck. As of late my thoughts had been “It’s TOO soon, God!” and “I’m NOT ready“ - the latter meaning more then just the obvious.
I was filled with emotion and yet at the same time felt empty.
But as I left our home and stepped out, over the threshold, into the world God had created, His grace came down. It reached out to me as I stood there, in pain, and touched me with
His Words-eternal words.
It said-"Be still and know that I am God”.
Above me the sky, His sky was blue. A Stargazer Lily and our fragrant vine, both part of His handiwork, cast their fragrance and beauty across the upper pond from me.
To tell the truth, I had forgotten about the lily even being there; it had been so long since I had seen its bloom and its beautiful pink now caught my eyes and so I walked closer.
Further from my world and deeper into His.
And in the distance stood my mountains--
His mountains--
against the blue of the summer sky.
The Creator had spoken--not audibly--
but nevertheless His message of comfort for me was clear.
The One who made all of the nature as far as I could see--
the One who had brought me and my mom into being
was still there; at that moment and at my location.
There would be sorrow, yes, much of it;
tears have already been shed and more will come.
But there will also be certainty for mom and us--
for when the time arrives for us to say our final goodbyes on this side of heaven--
the One my mother has known intimately for most of her life
will be waiting on the other side to bid His daughter, my mom, welcome.
"Be still and know that I am God"
Yes, Lord, by Your grace I will.
“…to have information firmly in the mind“.
“be certain about something: to believe firmly in the truth or certainty of something”
“…to be…familiar with somebody”
“…identify somebody or something by a characteristic: to recognize somebody or something by a distinguishing characteristic or attribute”
May you know His grace & blessings this morning,
Note: definitions for the word 'know' excerpted from Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Bible verse: Psalms 46:10 KJV
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