11 December 2014

Saturday By the Sea

Hello visitors!
I am totally into the Advent season now! Having finished my second reading of the New Testament for this year, I am currently reading through a list of Messianic Prophecies (prophecies in the Old Testament which foretell of the birth, life and death of Jesus).
As far as decorating for this wonderful season, I have been doing that in my usual leisurely manner--not all at once but little bits each day or so. Now if we could only have some pretty white snow instead of the BIG windstorm that is forecast.

But before I move on to Advent and Christmas...
As part of our Thanksgiving week celebrations,
we spent some time by the sea with our youngest granddaughter who,
not surprisingly, shares her grandma's love of the coast.
At first, it was really cold and windy (the above photo reminded me of a bad hair day (AKA our hairdo after a day at the beach), but then things got much better and we really enjoyed our time checking out Siletz Bay and the Pacific Ocean. There were lots of other people enjoying the area too, but we managed to snag the very last spot in the popular parking area. Yea!
We saw kayakers, fishermen, beachcombers and more...always fun to watch.
Of course, we also saw the usual residents...
small birds,

bigger birds
and the resident harbor seals which can always be seen on Salishan Spit
(located south of where we were)

The waves were glorious--
I LOVE high waves as much as I love low tides!
 It was a wonderful way to spend the last day before Advent!

Finally, fellow Oregonians and history lovers--
did you know there's a shipwreck located in this very same bay?
Yep. And being one who loves historical mysteries (and knows some others do too),
I've included a few links to some information on this mystery.

(scan down to the very short article on the Schooner shipwreck)
(another short article)
(an awesome, not too long, but more in depth article about the shipwreck there)

Maybe someday, if we're very, very lucky it will reappear! I know if it does, I'll be there.

Advent Blessings,

Photos: Siletz Bay, Oregon

08 December 2014

Of Thanksgiving Turkey + Other Fowl

Thanksgiving Week
saw us in the Coast Range
admiring some newly fallen snow!
And it found us in one of our many Pacific NW National Wildlife Refuges
loving the dramatic morning light
(MUCH more dramatic in person)! 
It also saw us on the beach
(no surprise, I know. LOL)
enjoying a walk along the bay, watching the big waves and taking in the city's Christmas decorations!
But, on Thanksgiving Day it saw us here--
at my Chef's son home
devouring and thoroughly LOVING the meal he prepared for us!
On the menu was:
a truly DELICIOUS apple juice brined, herb infused roast turkey with gravy,
mashed potatoes
 (a FABULOUS combination of sweet potatoes and russet potatoes plus garlic and other ingredients),
totally YUMMY kale with bacon, hazelnuts and more
(I am NOT ashamed to say I have a new love in my life now---kale!)
last but not least,
cranberry chutney SO GOOD I could eat it at least once a week
(needless to say I am stocking up on fresh cranberries while they're still available)!
Everything was great and we enjoyed each other's company,
learning about Netflix (something we had never seen)
getting some quick cooking lessons
Sadly the lighting was dim and
 I didn't have my camera settings correct so pix are few,
but I had to include this refrigerator decoration in this post.
 I thought it (and the ones for fowl, pork and more) quite fitting...
Now about those other birds...
On the weekend, I got the brilliant idea to take the Small One to a NWR
and I knew just the one I wanted her to see--Baskett Slough near the town of Dallas, Oregon.
I love this one because you can hike
(although that is limited to the butte during the winter season to protect the visiting waterfowl)
 and drive through the refuge using your vehicle as a blind...
We were blessed to see a heron, duck, geese, hawks and more!
We also walked part way up the butte but didn't make it to where the deer usually are.
If you ever go to a NWR make sure you bring binoculars, a good camera with a zoom lens and SNACKS (for you, not the wildlife).
At home our remodeling project is getting closer to being done
My hubby has just about finished painting and he's installed the new ceiling light and mini blinds.
Next to go:
the finishing touches to the ceiling then the laminate flooring and closet doors!
That means it's almost time to get a futon:)
Advent Blessings,
Oregon Central Coast Range
Baskett Slough NWR
Lincoln City area
and elsewhere!
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