21 February 2013


Wow! As a bird and wildlife lover, I think KNOW these are the most amazing owl photographs I have ever had the pleasure of seeing...


(By the way, if you have never visited this site before, be prepared for a real treat!)

Aimee (who is crossing her fingers, hoping for snow and more bird visits tomorrow)

19 February 2013

Month of Love: Day 17 Memories

On the 17th day of the month of love,
my TRUE LOVE gave to me...
a thousand geese a roaming
an old hunting lodge in the middle of trees.
I'm just not feeling that poetic this evening after a fun time at one of my fav stores today...
But last Sunday my DH did give me all these things (and more) as my Valentine's Day gift!
a roadtrip to wherever I wanted to go...
and I wanted to go see one of my favorite national wildlife refuges,
the William L. Finley NWR just north of Monroe, Oregon
in the beautiful Willamette Valley.
 I love this NWR for several reasons...it is large and has varied topography
(a long gravel road allows you to drive through the park--although some sections are not accessible).
But most of all, I love the historic buildings there
(barns, carriage house, two homes)
and the wildlife!
 We quickly changed out the lenses on my camera, opting for the zoom lens.
 It was a wonderful day... 
my hubby is a very good, loving man who knows how to make his wife smile
and her heart sing:)



More photos to come;
photos from 2 years ago...
and a post with close ups of my fav geese:)

Please excuse any errors...typing this by
yep, candlelight:)
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