16 September 2011


Yesterday was a gift-a gift from start to finish

(of course every day of life is).

It saw a friend and I sharing our love of quilts and good food,
peaceful lake views,

the beginnings of a changing color palette,

never ending coastal views of beauty,


some refreshing mist and rain,

and the joyful conquering of a long held fear.

It was a very, very good day:)

I hope yours was too.

Be blessed, Aimee

Photos: Vernonia, various coastal river valleys, the coast range and Oregon's northern coast

Of Quilts, Crafts, Food + Love

Ah! The joys of autumn...the calendar doesn't say it,

but we in the Pacific NW all know it because the signs are there:

leaves starting to put on their colorful fall finery, pears ripening on countertops,

apples nearing harvest time, rain, autumn flowers like these beautiful crocus...


a quilt + craft show in one of my favorite little towns--Vernonia, Oregon!

BTW, I also found out there is a lot of love there--

in this little church;

because I had the opportunity to see love in action while there...

Love was evident in all the quilts of every imaginable color, size and design,

created by hands that wanted to bless their church home

(and I think) bless those that would come through the doors of the show.

Love that put together an asssortment of birdhouses

(I was sorely tempted to buy the red one; I loved it!),

Love that put together other crafts and Christmas items,

love that did a lot of the things that go to making an event like this an enjoyable one--

things like the great lunch which we were soon to enjoy!




and lunch among the many, many, many quilts.

What could be better?


Autumn--soup, craft shows,

a warm quilt or comforter at night,


autumn flowers

and love!

I think I like it:)


Blessings to my 2 'angels' of Vernonia

and blessings to all of you!



Note: If you love quilts (and I do),

if you love crafts (ditto above comment),

if you are hungry for a good lunch

and you like small, mountain valley towns with great parks and more,

you might like to pay a visit to St Mary's Quilt + Craft Show!

You have three more days:)


Here is a link about the show:

Note 2: Should you want to see more of Vernonia---I have quite a few photos from there taken last year. Feel free to use the search feature located in the right sidebar. I will also soon be doing a post on the Blue House Cafe there---awesome Mediterranean food, friendly staff!

14 September 2011

Flora + Fauna at the Zoo: Pt 1

Earlier this summer my very beautiful daughter and my very charming

(and very cute, very athletic)

grandsons paid us a visit for a whole week!

It was a week of good food, great fun and never ending surprises:)

It was also a week of travel--

trips to the coast, trips to an aquatic park, PIZZA (my daughter's favorite)


-of course-

a trip to the Oregon Zoo!!

Maybe you would like to accompany us?

It was a perfect day-

not too hot, not too cold

AND it wasn't raining

(just like today).

OK, go ahead and grab your best walking shoes,

because you are going to need them!

Let's go!


Another short trip---

(sort of)

and we are here.

After a nice, calf-building walk from the last parking place in the lots

and we are here...

at the wonderful Oregon Zoo!

Now, I have always loved the animals at the zoo--

well actually at any zoo, wildlife refuge or even our backyard.

But this time, I found myself falling in love with all the

flowers, bushes, trees and ground covers there too!

I LOVE white and cream colored plants. They stand out in the garden--even at night if there is any light. Unfortunately I don't know the name of this particular plant or I would be tempted to buy one and plant it.

But I do know the name of this particular animal; I'm sure you do too:)

By the way,

I LOVE this photo because it makes you take a second and maybe even a third look!

Another white plant that I LOVED but again that I didn't know the name of.

Help, if you can please!

Although not one of my best photos because of the reflection--

is that one of my grandkids?

And now another animal--I will let you know the name of this one. This,

ladies and gentlemen, is a caracal and I LOVE him (or is it a her)?
More---white flowers.

Again no name but I would love, love, love to plant some of these at my home.

And who do you suppose I caught eyeing me?

And I, of course, was eyeing him:) Just amazing, totally amazing!

And with this last flower photo I will bid you goodnight and peace.

I just heard something I couldn't believe; it was NOT a good thing:(

Blessings, Aimee


Photos: TY to the Oregon Zoo for permission to post these photos and for all the obvious concern they show for the animals entrusted to their care! I ask that you please respect my copyright on all of these photos and do not copy them unless you ask and are granted permission by me to do so. This is to ensure that the zoo's philosophy re: their animals, which I totally support, is adhered to. Thank you:)

Photos taken summer 2011.

12 September 2011

I Should Be...


after being up almost all of last night.

Cleaning house,

if I am not sleeping,

after being up almost all of last night.

Working in our gardens,

if I am not sleeping,

after being up almost all of last night,

or cleaning house.

But...I'm not:)

What should you be doing that you aren't??



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