02 March 2015

Of Sandy Toes + Rocky Beaches

Saturday saw Farmer Boy working in our yard...
pruning, weeding, burning (ick),
raking, hauling and watching a red tail hawk in the skies above us.
So much still to do, but there's improvement--yippee!
Sunday found us here--
watching the wave action against the north jetty of Tillamook Bay,
Admiring Twin Rocks from a little different perspective.
Watching our youngest grandchild write letters in the sand...
and get her toes all sandy.
Hiking a bit in the Tillamook forest where there's lots of moss and...
the beautiful Wilson River!
It was a pretty incredible day -- a day filled with lots of time in God's gardens
(which are always my favorite gardens).
So much to do this week.
How about you?
Oregon North Coast
Tillamook State Forest
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