24 May 2014


The morning has dawned on this day--
Saturday of the long Memorial Day weekend.
It's cloudy outside,
but the showers have stopped and the forecast looks promising.
The TV is on--
our young guests have chosen, not surprisingly, a cartoon.
As we do every year at this time (and others)
my husband and I have talked about them...
our fallen...
the father of a five year old daughter who died during the Civil War--
the young man who left a young widow and his baby during World War II--
the numerous others who have fallen in wars since our nation's founding.
So many;
so young. 
Full of dreams, full of hopes...
Surviving families changed forever by that one horrible moment in time.  
"So long as we are not forgotten we do not die..."

"You're his witness now.
Without a witness, they just disappear."
May God be with the many families and friends today who have lost a loved one during war.
May God grant our nation,
and all other nations of the world,
a long lasting peace.
Willamette National Cemetery
Vietnam Living Memorial
Damascus Pioneer Cemetery
St Paul's Catholic Cemetery
First quote:
unknown source
Second quote:
'Taking Chance', HBO films, 2009. USA

19 May 2014

Knowledge Is A Beautiful Thing

For years I had stood on this spot.
Gazing out at the ever-changing sea and wonderful rock formations to the north...
(link to an earlier post which shows this rock formation--Twin Rocks--from a totally different angle)
Watching the many small boats cross from the relative safety of Tillamook Bay
 into the less tame Pacific Ocean.
Enjoying the action of the waves as they splashed against the boulders of the jetties,
and admiring the interesting rock formations to the south off Cape Meares
(part of Oregon Rocks NWR--as well as Twin Rocks pictured in the first photo).
Here's a link to more photos and info about the Oregon Rocks and other coastal NWRs:
Yep -- for years I had done all those things and more...
Our family has camped, --
climbed the sand dune,
made the short walk down to the sandy beach here
and had
brought our grandkids and DDD (dear daughter dog) to this wonderful place.
My Farmer Boy, Fisherman, part Mountain Goat, DH had even caught
and cleaned some yummy fish here
(BTW, Aimee does not share her beloved's love of, or talent for, jumping from rock to rock
on his way to some great fishing spot hence she has never caught some yummy fish here).
But, after all those many years, I didn't know all that was to be known about this place--
I didn't truly understand its full significance ;
I hadn't connected all the 'dots' yet.
I just knew it was special and that I LOVED it!
But then, a year or so ago, it finally dawned on me.
I had been standing on a part of our state's history all this time,
staring out at a place which was also part of the history.
Now I finally understood the role this northern jetty had played...
and just what it had cost the residents who once lived on that pretty spit
between the bay and ocean.
Then, as well as now,
it was a matter of money... 
One jetty, the north one where these photos were taken, was built and later enlarged...
the other jetty, the one to the south, wasn't.
The experts had recommended both be built...
The ocean is a beautiful place---but it is also an unforgiving powerful force of nature.
Today, where once there was a resort community,
no buildings remain--all lost to the sea or moved to safer locations like Cape Meares.
And that second jetty?
Well it was finally built, but too late for the residents who once swam in Bayocean's Natatorium,
strolled the peninsula's sandy beaches,
enjoyed the views of the bay to their east and the ocean to their west.
I would have liked LOVED to have visited there in the community's heyday,
when we last walked there decades ago not much was left...
but it still is a special place.
It just so happens that the Tillamook Pioneer Museum 
 is currently having an exhibit on Bayocean---
we've been there and it is well worth the time and very reasonable $4/person admission fee.
The Bayocean exhibit will be running till late July.
Besides this special exhibit, there's a LOT to see there.
Here is a link to their site:
So did you know the secret of the jetties of Tillamook Bay?
Barview County Park
Outside the Tillamook Pioneer Museum
(a great site with photos)
(more info, more photos)
(and more)
Yes. History is a passion for me...
it has been since I was 8
(or perhaps even before).
And for those who really LOVE detail (like I do)...
(Site contains pdf file with a lot of info, technical data and some photos too)
There's also a book about Bayocean written by Bert Webber that is very good.
 I bought mine a long time ago and 'devoured' it quickly :)
Sorry about the lighting...
it seems that I am always taking photos after or before the golden hours...
but on a positive note, it wasn't raining:)
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