27 January 2015

Of Garden Surprises + More

Last Saturday found me--
not on a lovely sandy beach nor on snowy mountain slopes I'm sad to say.
I did see a lot of the bathroom floor I was lying on for quite awhile though.
Sigh. I hate being sick.
Later that day, and on Sunday too,
though still a bit shaky I was able to get outside and explore the gardens.
Our wonderful and very dependable camellia sasanqua is still filled with pretty pink blossoms.
A bit closer.
Probably should have used a tripod on this shot.
A bit further along, the candytuft is starting to bloom.
Hey, what?
We are still in January right?
Yep. The calendar still says we are.
The Oregon Grape looks like it might be preparing another garden surprise also...
The lower pond was a mixture of blue and white from our lovely spring-like day.
I LOVE this time of the year because I can enjoy the ponds and NOT run into the slithery ones:)
A look in the upper pond...
I LOVE lily pads!
And on the deck table
and on our bed
and in the G room work continued on the project...
cutting out the scalloped accent...
can't believe my hubby drew this freehand from a picture on my phone!
finials attached.
Any ideas what Aimee's dream was?
My son said yes to sharing the recipe and so, after a bit of texting back and forth,
I have it written out and will post it here soon. Thanks for asking:)
Awhile back (November) you asked me for a bigger photo of the koi pond. I did get one this weekend. It's not the best because all the vegetation looks really dead and there are plenty of weeds too, but I can post it or try to get a better one for you once the pond plants come out of their dormancy.
Back in September you asked me for the info on the organic fruit tree pest traps. I finally found it during one of my cleaning/sorting missions. Would you still like it?
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