25 January 2013

When Aimee Dreams... (pt 1)

It all started with a dream...
a dream about a covered bridge
and the fact that one of the bridges on my list of 'to do's' still remained elusive.
But, that dream led to other sites as yet undiscovered by me one foggy day.
My dreams and plans always do:)
And they say dinosaurs are extinct.
This guy says NOT!

Most fish swim in waterways...
but here they swim on walls.
Wood walls.
You gotta love him...
you do, right?
After all he posed SO well:)
I am among those who do love seagulls.
Count the birds;
count the humans.
(Yep, we were outnumbered big time)  

Finally! Ducks were to be found...
NOT in a national wildlife refuge.
And thus ends part one because Aimee has a thousand things to do...

How has your week been?

Yes the post about the wild west is coming if ever my easy going self wins
 the fight with my perfectionist self that is:)
Photos above taken January 2013, central Oregon coast.
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