04 February 2012

Of Home--Sweet, Sweet Home

Today I went home.

And drank deeply from the great strength and beauty I found there.

I crossed a few of its bridges--
bridges which have known my footsteps before

walked along riverbanks that had not.

I saw the beauty and the power of God's creation
in a new, very exciting, personal way
and my heart overflowed with the deep emotions I felt.
They were perfect moments there-
alone, but not alone-
in the midst of nature
I would have loved to stay longer
but it was time to return to my real home.
So I walked back to the place where Farmer Boy waited for me...
and we drove away.

Tonight, I sit curled up in our recliner.

I browse through the photos of the day,

reliving again and again what I experienced there in those precious moments of time.

And then it dawns on me...

I have not left that sweet, sweet place after all--

for it has somehow become part of me,

imprinted forever on my heart and in my mind


because of that I can

always go to my sweet, sweet home when I want to.



03 February 2012

Exploring New Paths

Sometimes you travel the same roads for years and years

never knowing what beauty lies just a few miles off those well traveled paths.

Rivers, bays and lakes...

waterfalls and mountains...

paths that lead you to new discoveries and wonders of nature;

paths that make you even more in awe of the Creator.

It was good to explore new places,

just a few miles off those well traveled roads.

It was very, very good.

Have you explored any new paths lately?





NW Oregon

30 January 2012

PNW Wildlife Refuges

A few reasons why winter can be a good thing:

1. It is one of the best times to visit a wildlife refuge...

to see migrating geese and other waterfowl.

2. You get a whole new perspective on nature,

without leaves on the trees.

3. You get a chance to see new little critters;

I am told this is a muskrat.

Now that makes me think of the song Muskrat Love...

I think I am aging myself here.

4. You get a chance to explore new places...

without the 'crowds' of the warmer seasons.



And, as you can see,

the weather isn't always bad in winter...

but the views can be very interesting.


What new places have you seen lately?





Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

rural Marion county vineyard

Grand Island seed beds.


Other posts with Refuge photos

(near Dallas, OR)

(near Eugene, OR--includes historical attractions also)

(southwest of Portland, OR)

(west of Portland, off Highway 26 near Jewell, OR)
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