22 May 2015

Seventeen Minute Post

Once upon a time there was a blogger--let's call her Aimee.
And this certain blogger lived in between the land of reality and make believe...
located somewhere near the beautiful Oregon beaches and the mountains.
one day she looked in horror at her somewhat neglected blog
and realized it had been 17 days since she had last posted.
But she also realized her hubby would soon be home
and she had been somewhat neglectful in doing
 the laundry,
the dishes,
the organizing,
the weeding,
the cleaning...
So she decided that she was going to attempt what she had never done before---
a 17 minute post
(to honor those 17 days she didn't post).
On your mark,
get set,
Lovely iris in the midst of those weeds I mentioned...
Top of lovely iris in the midst of those wonderful weeds...
Lovely columbine (we have them multiplying like rabbits this year)...
in the midst of more wonderful weeds
(which sadly are multiplying like weeds this year).
Farm life we passed on a road earlier this month...
they were, to say the least, preoccupied with other --
more important to chickens things,
Kiwi blossoms!
Lots of kiwi blossoms!
Lots of baby raspberries too...
Lots of bees here too!
And, at my sibling's home...
lots of babies.
Baby ducks and baby chicks!
So that would make me--
you got it...
an Aimee aunt:)
Thank you SO very much for all your kind comments on the previous post!
Though some dreams must die,
and some dreams change...
there is still time for lots of good dreams:)
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