06 July 2011

The Farmer Boy

This is my Farmer Boy.

Why do you think he was wearing 'this'

and what is 'it'?

Blessings, Aimee

Answer: it was a blanket and he was wrapped up in it because it was SO constantly windy there at Fort Stevens (the beach with the shipwreck)

that we needed some protection for our eyes to keep them sandfree


for our skin to keep from getting even more sunburned!

04 July 2011

Of Forest, Coast + Family Vacation

Small change of plans here---

because vacation time with our DD + family is here...

and that means the coast, of course!

you will often find beautiful kites like these flying high in the Lincoln City area--

the colors and shapes are truly amazing!

you will also find my favorite--

the seagull!

and piers-

which you can walk under when it is low tide in the Siletz Bay area

This may have been the first time I walked under this one--

I LOVED the pattern of shadows

More seabirds


now a few photos from the forest...



So which do you like best?

The beach


the forest?

And while you are thinking about that...

Happy 4th of July to visitors from the USA



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