09 September 2013

A Wee Break from my Beautiful Blogging Break;)

A few photos from the last 10 or so days...
when we spent time at a favorite bay
(yikes...too late to adjust the color balance now--LOL).
This was a fun adventure with lots of things to see...
if you look very, very carefully you might see one thing we saw.

A little better on the color balance (yippee!)...
can you tell I LOVE seagulls?

A moment in time when I was really, really wishing I had my zoom lens on...
lots going on in this photo!
Hope you can see everything going on...

Yep, so LOVE seagulls--so LOVE the blue, blue sky!

And, of course, on my beautiful blogging break we have spent some time
 in the mountains,foothills and forests of Oregon...
this, was taken at Jonsrud Viewpoint
(we were on a mission of mercy near there--
delivering some of our organic prunes to family who LOVES our homegrown fruit).
I am thinking Mt. Hood needs some snow...it's looking a little 'naked' here;)
BTW, no snow yet,
but there is a bit more autumn color in the mountains and foothills
in the valley!
Yea for all the beautiful yellows and reds of early autumn!

Now up to near the point where the great Columbia River meets the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.
You are looking at Washington state here ladies and gentlemen.
Hum....that makes me think of all the places I have been wanting to visit up there--
Mt Rainier, Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula, the lower Columbia River...

Can't forget our time in Salem either ...
Salem is the capital of Oregon for those who may not know.
Here, along the Willamette River,
we captured a photo (OK more than one photo) of the sternwheeler riverboat there.
I am fascinated by sternwheelers.
Part of our family lore says an ancestor
(or was it a sibling of an ancestor)
or was it gambled--
on one.
We also went to A. C. Gilbert Discovery Village,
my first time there,
 where Aimee had AS MUCH fun as
the kids and,
Riverfront Carousel (where Aimee had AS MUCH fun as the kids--
well after she decided she was not going to get dizzy going around in circles)...
Later that day wasn't quite as much fun,
 when she and Little Miss
 got caught in a HUGE rainstorm while getting groceries.
OK it was a little fun,
and very exciting,
 figuring out how to keep water off the granddaughter in the sundress
and out of the car when loading grocery bags loaded with groceries and rainwater!
Teehee--you got to roll with these weather challenges!

And last, but certainly not least, a family portrait of all of us at Coffenbury Lake
(Fort Stevens too)
on the northern Oregon coast...
you didn't really think I wouldn't include at least ONE photo of my grandkids, did you?
Wishing you a great day...
and now back to my beautiful blogging break--
for awhile longer that is.

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