16 April 2015

Into the Woods + A Little Surprise for Small One

Spring break was a busy one for us this year. On Wednesday, I was down in the Newport area with my best friend and her grandson. Then, on the following Sunday, we visited Regatta Park and a new beach in Lincoln City with tidepools (LOVE tidepools). But the day before that we were in the valley at Milo McIver State Park enjoying...

hiking on a trail there.
We arrived soon after the Vortex Half Marathon and 10K Trail Run ended...
hence the lovely white arrows on the bridge and elsewhere.
Vortex I, for those who may not know, was a rock festival held at Milo McIver SP
 just about 45 years ago. I don't recall hearing about it at that time, but quite a few people showed up at this--believe it or not--state sponsored event. If you're interested in learning more about it, you can follow the link above to the wiki article. There was also a OPB special on it quite awhile ago--that was where I first learned about it.
Anyway, MMSP is quite a pretty place between the woodlands filled with lots and lots of green,
the Clackamas River, the creek and the views one can catch--on a clear day--of Mt. Hood.

I love the wildflowers of the PNW:)

I believe this is Dog Creek...
I couldn't believe all of the shades of green!
Truly amazing.
Spring is awesome for greens here--
right now our mountainsides look gorgeous!
And of course, our primary reason for being at MM that day...

the Clackamas Fish Hatchery!
We thought little Miss would enjoy seeing the HUGE ponds that hold a lot of growing fish.
(She did)
And then there was a little surprise -- for her and for us...

One of the very kind workers there let her (and a few others) help feed the fish!
Can you believe that?
Totally cool!
BTW, she did pretty well and really enjoyed doing it!

This time we also took a peek inside the small visitor building which contains the incubation room and displays showing the life cycle of the fish--from zygote (isn't that the coolest word? LOL) to fry (oh, oh...when I see that word, my mind wonders to eating. Bad me).

 Another great thing about MM?
We often see horses being ridden on the trails there.  
Makes me want one again...

Milo McIver State Park
Here's a link for more info

And now back to researching my latest idea for a trip...
this one will be a trip down memory lane:)
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