04 December 2013

Saturday Sojurn in the Land of the Elk

It's cold outside--definitely cold enough for snow,
 if ONLY there was a LITTLE moisture to go with this Arctic Front...
Alas, no snow here yet, but the sunny skies have been nice-
very special blessings at this time of the year which is known more for gray than blue!
How's the weather where you're at?
Are you bundled up like we are too?


And now,
onto the theme of this post--
elk, elk and more elk:)

After a wonderful 'Beach Friday' last week...
the next day found us outdoors again,
this time several hours north of that area.
Our goal was to see some Roosevelt Elk and to visit one of our favorite beaches
on the north Oregon coast.
First the elk...
The first sighting was along the road--but since only ONE of us saw the elk
(my eagle-eyed hubby of course and not me),
we're not going to count that as an official sighting:)
Therefore, our first REAL sighting was at Jewell Meadows Wildlife Refuge.  
Gorgeous aren't they?
Not the best photo--sorry.
And, as a bonus, just because I LOVE it--
a photo of hanging moss!
As I said, I LOVE this stuff:) 
Does anyone know what kind it is?
I know I have seen it all over NW Oregon.
Next, MORE elk --
this time on a meadow overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
This was a planned destination-
because it's one of our favorite North Coast beaches;
the elk sighting here was a totally unexpected bonus!
I would have ventured closer, had I not been with my granddaughter,
but I didn't want to take any chances with her by my side--
elk are beautiful, majestic, amazing creatures--
but they are wild, not tame, ones.
And, a later sighting.
It was a GOOD day:)
A very, very good day!
(and yes we played on the beach. Doesn't everyone when it's late autumn?)

Jewell Meadows Wildlife Refuge
(located on Highway 202 which is a fun road to take from the Upper Nehalem Valley
 to Astoria when it's good weather. You can also visit Fishhawk Falls at Lee Wooden County Park a few miles from the refuge--beautiful and not too long of a walk.
North Oregon coast
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