07 April 2015

The Life + (Recent) Times of Aimee

Recently my life included lovely moments like this one--
at a newly discovered (for me that is) beach.
And exciting moments like this...
and this...
enjoying the wonders of this new and interesting place!
And then there were neat moments like this...
not our catch,  but those of a very blessed family
 who would be enjoying a very yummy dinner later that day!
Mmm. BBQ fish...
And recently my life included a few anxious moments watching this drone...
and thinking the entire time,
I hope they know what they're doing
(as it flew and dived over our car--again and again)
Fortunately they did
Then, of course, there were those memorable moments on the other side of the coast range...
but you'll have to wait awhile to see those times because I need to get some sleep so I can spent
a LOT of moments today catching up on housework.
Wishing you a blessed week full of memorable moments!
Lincoln City
Milo McIver State Park
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