13 December 2012

St Lucia's Day: A First

Today I had my very first Lucia bun to celebrate St. Lucia's Day
and it was very good!
Actually it was such a LARGE bun that I shared 1/2 with my friend.
Next year I will try to make them myself but I was happy to FINALLY find some and
didn't mind the trip to get them at all. After all, I've traveled all the way to Astoria to get fabulous fattigman cookies and Finnish pinwheel pastries,
and I've traveled all the way to Bend to say goodbye to a favorite niece and hug an aspen tree:)
Several of my favorite bloggers have posted recipes/info on Lucia buns:
Anne (Sweden)
L-Jay (Norway)
Both of these ladies have AMAZING blogs by the way!
Another first--
only slightly related to St. Lucia's Day 2012 is...
I recently did something I told myself I would NEVER do.
Do you know what it was?
Advent Blessings
Happy St. Lucia's Day
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