14 May 2016

A Walk Among the Irises and Columbine

Aimee was VERY bad last month. 

You see Aimee is a VERY passionate person--
especially when it comes to history. 
And, it just so happened that a LOVELY history research project developed in her mind 
early in April
and that was it...
before long I was dragging my DH to a pretty little area in the valley
and spending a WHOLE bunch of time there and
on the Internet doing research.
And, soon, very soon--
almost ALL of our allotted data time was gone. 

No data for browsing your lovely blogs,
no data to share my adventures with you. 
Poor hubby. He suffered too.

But, it's a new month. 
And if I am really good, 
I might be able to catch up with my pastime of browsing blogs
and, maybe just maybe, create a few of my own. 
And if I am bad?
Well, I found a public wifi I can use :)

Here is our latest adventure...
a trip to a bit of heaven known as Schreiner's Iris Garden.

And now the photos
(data time is flying by)

Every time we go here, 
I am awed by the beauty and peace!

So MUCH variety!

Truly paradise!

Just incredible! 

My Mom would have loved it here--
she loved columbines. 
I do too and our home garden has many. 

A walk here always changes my focus--
it's like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a dust storm. 

A drink of cool water in the midst of a hot desert. 

I am crossing my fingers in hope that we make it back this way soon:)

A lot has happened since my last post. 
Many road trips as always. 
A trip back in time to the days of Beverly Cleary
(the object of the research project I mentioned). 
And there was unexpected news...

See ya soon!

(amazing, amazing place!)

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