22 July 2013

Of Alpacas, Lavender, Provence + Tea: Pt I

Happy Monday to you!
On our last visit I left you in the hills of Helveta--
a beautiful rural area located not too far from the hustle and bustle of Metro Portland.
And I believe I left you admiring my favorite hat--a pink one of course--in Helvetia Lavender's outdoor tea pavilion...
so that is where I'll start today.
Last year my honored guest was my DH--so tea was not an option
(he is a coffee lover through and through)...
this year I brought my best friend so tea in the pavilion was a definite yes:)
We had a very yummy scone with juicy, sweet Oregon berries and whipped cream.
I had iced tea with stevia; my friend hot tea...
did I say it was sweets with a very sweet view?
During the Festival the farm has many garden areas...
this water feature has been a favorite of mine for two years now!
LOVE the colors:) 

My friend and I spent quite a bit of time here learning about spinning,
touching (and admiring) the beauty and softness of alpaca wool.
Oh and picking out the sweater of my dreams--if I can lose some weight that is:)
Now I LOVE alpacas and have been wanting to visit a alpaca farm for a long, long time--
so you know I was in heaven getting to meet this little one year old.
Do you know alpacas sing?
Or maybe they hum...anyway this little cutie was vocalizing while I was admiring their beauty.
Ah! I think I'm in love...

Back to spinning...
it was really exciting and interesting getting to know more about this age old process.
The spinner (actually this whole farm family) was delightful--
we really enjoyed our time there,
and it made my desire to learn how to knit and crochet even bigger!
I SO need to talk to my SIL about lessons:)

Back in the gardens -- I LOVED this plant but have forgotten the name.
*Update (7/22): it's a Gooseneck Loosestrife (Lysimachia clethroides)*
Isn't it beautiful?
I love white flowers and always include them at home.
Speaking of gardens,
mine is going to need some TLC this week because it is going to be a warm week.
How's yours?
Next post...a bit of Provence in Helvetia.  
Here is the link to Helvetia Lavender Farm
Festival is over for this year (sigh),
but it is my understanding that
their tea pavilion will be open the next 2 Friday and Saturdays for tea
and that profits from tea benefit Good Samaritan Ministries.
I like that:)
And here is the link for Oregon Alpaca Farms
Love that alpaca yarn!

Of Alpacas, Lavender, Provence + Tea: Pt II

It's Friday Monday and time to return to beautiful Helvetia and the Lavender Festival.
As I mentioned in part I,
there are many different garden areas at this farm--
ranging from smaller ones made in old wheelbarrows to larger ones.
I love garden designs like that-
where there are hidden treasures around a corner,
or up above your head...
Such gorgeous colors at this time of the year...
so many textures,
so much detail,
so amazing creation is! 

Do you like the pastels
or do you prefer the brighter, more dramatic colors?
They had several birdhouses...
I LOVE these
and I loved the red ones they had on a ladder.

So many things to see on a warm sunny summer day...
these things brought a BIG smile to my face!
You see I have been looking for this particular vendor ever since I had seen her featured in another blog quite awhile ago....

I loved these little bread baskets?
They are SO cute:)
I wish I had realized what they were while I was there...
but my mind was totally focused on placemats.
Don't these colors and designs make you think summer?
Perhaps they make you think of a sunny town in southern France by the beautiful Mediterranean sea?
They do me.... 
Loved these fabrics and the summery designs!
The fabric is very easy care also...
any guesses to which pattern I chose?
Any guesses as to my second favorite?
And so, as I've been wanting to do for quite awhile now,
 I had to bring home a little bit of Provence
to remind me of the feel of the summer sun on my skin,
the fragrance of purple lavender in the air,
and a special time spent in the foothills of Helvetia:)

Beautiful, amazing Helvetia--I love you!
Photos taken at Helvetia Lavender Farm (and nearby)--
(looks like this Friday and Saturday are the last days for tea in their tea pavilion).
Also here is the link for Soleil de Provence (on Etsy):
 I am, as always, not associated in any way with either Helvetia Lavender Farm
or Soleil de Provence except as a happy visitor/customer.
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