19 October 2015

October Update

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted, but truth be told, with all the home repairs/improvements going on, we just haven't had time (or extra money) to take trips to the places that inspire me the most. However, if all goes well, and if nothing else comes up, and if the weather permits, tomorrow maybe next week I will be enjoying a little whole lot of autumn leaf immersion:)
Meanwhile I am enjoying the changing colors on the mountainside, in our garden, at the grocery store
and everywhere else!

Speaking of home repair/improvement, our front deck
is now a covered front deck thanks to my ever busy hubby!
It's not quite done, but we really like it and it makes me wish we had done it years ago.

Also speaking of home, our lovely 5 year old over-the-range microwave seems to be
celebrating the month of October. Twice now, exactly one week apart and at about the same time, it's turned itself on. Pretty spooky! Apparently, self starting microwaves are not unknown, but it could have been something I did too. Anyway, it's now unplugged and, surprisingly, I have managed to function OK without it.

Since my last post, I have been collecting autumn leaves from here and there to preserve. Gracie, from One Saylor's Log (link on the right side of this blog), was my inspiration for all this--but, because I couldn't find my iron, I used a modified version of the old "leaf in the book" method.
As you can tell, some turned out a bit more wrinkled then I would have liked, but I am -- overall -- pretty happy with my little project:)
It's part of my goal to make early autumn last a long, long time!

And, now photos...
since I haven't taken any trips since August
(sigh, sob, scream, BIGTIME cabin fever),
I am posting photos from the lovely Siletz River Valley
(Siletz was the location for the Ilahee Siletz Pow Wow we attended).
I would dearly love to be there right now, enjoying more frybread:)

Love horses!
Did I tell you that I am now "grandma" to my DD's horses?
And an assortment of other critters too.

Can't get enough of our PNW's woodlands. Just like our drive along the
Nestucca River earlier this summer, this area reminded me of a cathedral.

My kind of bridge. Not too high, not too low and with some nice views of the Siletz River below.

 I love river valleys and I just learned about two more I want to explore --- someday:)

And now it's time to check on those drying autumn leaves
go to sleep
research my latest idea for a road trip!

Have an awesome week!

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