29 September 2009

A Walk in His Gardens--the Great Plains & WY

Some more photos from my son's trip collection. These are from his autumn trip to Missouri several years ago. Now all of my children have traveled further east then I
(but I still hold the record for farthest west--at least right now, this minute, at 9:36 PM September 29, 2009!!) Come to think of it... my parents smashed that record to bits with their trips to SE Asia.
But back to my son's trip-as he traveled through Wyoming that day in mid Autumn, they hit snow near Cheyenne. I believe this particular photo was taken about an hour east of there.
I am not surprised about the snow at all--I heard from a friend today whose husband hit snow on a PNW pass this week and October seems to be the month for snow in the Rocky Mt states (or so I hear).

Yea!! SNOW in early autumn, in the mountains!!

The snow, for my son at least, did not last long and before they hit the WY/NE border it was gone.
I am sure our PNW snow in the mountains will soon be gone too--at least for a little while but hopefully not for too long :)
I think these photos were taken in Nebraska.
But maybe not. NO I am pretty sure they were but I really need to have him write the locations of his photos down for me;
either that or I will have to start coming along on his trips:)
I like photos of mushrooms. We have SO many of them in our PNW yard; something about the ph of our soil being wrong (per my gardener friend)...anyway I feel at home when I see photos of the fungus among us. Besides they look SO earthy AND I like earthy.
And my favorite of the photos--a woodland in (hopefully) Nebraska. When I look at it I feel peace and it seems to invite me to explore the areas beyond...wish I could but alas it is late and I am hungry for a baked apple. Actually that sounds like a really good thing so
with one more version of my favorite photo of this collection...
It's almost like a painting, isn't it?
And now I bid you peace and blessings from the PNW.
I am off to cook an apple.
Photos: as above.
© 2009 J. Blessings & A. Blessings this post. Permission kindly given by my wonderful son for me to post the photos here. Thanks, J! mom
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