28 May 2014

If Only...

If only I was a bird...
I could fly from place to place.
Go where I wanted to, when I wanted to
and stay just as long as I wished.
I could see a mountaintop field of clover from way up in the sky...
and then swoop down low to take a closer look.
I could find out where this mountaintop trail leads with only a few flaps of my wings.
I could fly from here,
 to way over there,
and then back again...
or maybe just perch on a tree limb high above the ground
and watch Mom freak out about the drop-off
I could fly over pastures of wildflowers...
and perhaps nap amidst them for awhile.
Or I could just stop and smell the roses in this pretty coastal garden.
Yep. It would be fun to be a bird--
except I don't like worms at all
(although I do LOVE bones, treats and an occasional blueberry),
I like being inside a nice warm house at night,
 and I would miss these AMAZING Papi hugs.
I think I am glad to be a white fluffy puppy after all -
 even if it means occasionally having to hear Mom scream at me to get back from
 the edge of a drop off...
after all it really just means she loves ME.
Have a great week and check out some of those mountains, beaches,
wildflowers or gardens where you live.
And if you have a small, furry white puppy
(or any other kind),
make sure you bring them along...
I highly recommend it:)
The Small Furry White One
(AKA Dear Daughter Dog).
NW Oregon
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