Hi there and welcome to one of my four blogs (three of them are still set to private)!

Thought you might want to know a little about me so here goes...

I've been married to my darling husband, AKA Farmer Boy, for over 30 years now. He came from a large family so I have quite a few brothers and sisters now and I LOVE that! 
I also have 2 siblings--one in heaven who I have never met.

My hubby is very, very talented and knows quite a bit about a whole lot of things--he can fall a tree for instance and fix just about anything! Oh and he truly IS a farmer boy, having lived for many years on a farm in the PNW. He is also a Veteran and served his country during the Vietnam era.

I, on the other hand, grew up--mostly--in small towns, although I did spend a few years in large cities. I never lived on a farm, although I did dream of homesteading and still do at times.  

My hubby and I have three wonderful kids (all grown)--two boys and one girl. Two of them have kids of their own now, making a total of five grandkids ranging in age from 
preschool to young adult. I am constantly shocked at that:) Update: As of the winter of 2016, we now have a great-granddaughter too (pick me off the floor someone--LOL)

As of autumn 2012, all of my children and grandkids are now living outside the Pacific NW and I am adjusting to this--I really miss them:( We keep in touch through social media, texting and calling but it is honestly still very hard. Update: two of my grandchildren are now living back in the PNW and so we have frequent contact with them, but still miss our other three grandkids and all of our kids.

Several years ago I lost my mom--something one is never really prepared for no matter their age. I talk some about her and that loss in this blog, but mostly I talk about  her and this season of life in my private journal and my blog, Flowers For My Mother. As of January 2014 that blog is still set to private but I plan on making it public someday as a place that people can share their experiences on losing a loved one and find resources that I have found helpful. I should add that even though the death of a loved one seems SO final and is very painful, I know I'll see mom someday as she was a believer in Christ. That eases the pain a bit.

In February of 2016 we lost our dear darling daughter dog. She was a real blessing in our lives and you can find many, many photos of her--and some of her brothers on this blog. She will always be in our hearts and I am SO very thankful God sent her to us.

Hobbies of mine include genealogy (family history), gardening/garden design, travel and photography. I also have other interests in different areas...
Well there is a lot more about me that I could tell you but I will leave it to the main posts to do that. Thanks for taking time to read a bit about my family and I -- feel free to let me know about yours:)

Blessings, Aimee
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