04 December 2015

Valley Views + A Very Special Blessing

You'll have to excuse me,
 but we haven't taken any interesting drives lately due to coming down with nasty colds Thanksgiving week (sometimes sharing isn't a good thing--LOL).
And, I haven't put up decorations for Advent yet
(of course, I should confess that I never took all of them down last year.
I like being surrounded by Christmas trees, wreaths, nisser and reindeer no matter the season).
No baking, no garden strolls, no special meals to share with you either.
Instead lots of TV, time spent catching up with Bible reading
(in Revelations now--yippee), lots of prayers, lots of changes,
some sadness, some anger, some laughter...
lots and lots of sleep...
Anyway, today's post is just a collection of photos --
mostly from the valley I believe --
that I haven't posted yet.
Another river view from Clackamette Park. I miss these colors already.
Feel the need for some lovely, bright white snow to color my world
(or a sunny day in the mid 60s to warm me up AND color my world).
Tis the season...
love these guys!
OK, Bigfoot most likely does not walk around with one of these.
But, according to my hubby, Bigfoot does walk around here in the Pacific NW,
and he should know.
You see he saw one
 on a quiet, forested mountain road some 40 years ago--
and his story
has stayed totally consistent for the whole time I've known him.
What about you?
Do you think they exist?
Perfect location for a "Avoid Distractions..."sign.
Don't you think?
Fortunately Farmer Boy was driving, not his VERY mountain distracted camera toting wife.
Not quite the contrast of the day before when I was west of this area and the sky was a fabulous blue!
Still a pretty scene though.
(Jonsrud Viewpoint, Sandy)
And now for the BIG announcement I kind of hinted at quite awhile ago.
Just so you know, there's been a bit of a change whole lot of changes since this was taken...
Yep! That's right.
Our family is about to get bigger by ONE lovely little baby girl!!!!
that means we're about to become GREAT grandparents for the first time:)
(Insert happy smiles here)
Told you it was a VERY SPECIAL BLESSING!
And with that special announcement I will close for this eve...
Advent Blessings,
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