14 April 2014

In Sight of Beautiful Mt. Hood: Pt I

Much has happened since I left you all at the lake...

We've had more fun time with the Small One...in which I almost wanted to--for a moment or two that is--move into a town. But then the feeling passed--or did it?

We 'celebrated' the official beginning of the Snake Season here...4 sightings, the latest today, in less than a week. Did you hear me scream???? Frog season is also going strong--one of them made me scream too.

We--well I, came to the conclusion (after some prayer) that a lack of organization on my part was the reason I never, ever have time to be creative -- at home that is. Since that realization, and a visit by some a lot of ants, I've set upon a new course and am working hard to get this home organized--starting with our kitchen. It is amazing that a few simple changes can make life SO much easier, be fun to do and save one money  (some thing I also came to a realization about these past few weeks).

But this post isn't about organization. Nor is it about being creative, although I did make my FIRST crochet stitch (sadly without taking one photo) this weekend. Yep, I really did -- and I think it was even a totally official and authentic stitch. LOL

As with all people, life has been a series of ups and downs; challenges and goals met; obstacles, realizations; rainy days and sunshine:)

And now on to the point of this post--our latest road trip.

Beautiful Mt. Hood in all her radiant spring glory.
Whenever I see her I think of my pioneer forefathers who settled not too far from here.
This, of course, is taken at Jonsrud Bluff in Sandy, Oregon.
If you ever go there you HAVE to take a look through the telescope there:)

Along the Clackamas River near Estacada.

Pretty flowers---yes, I still LOVE pink!

Along a creek that flows into the Clackamas River
(I think this is Dog Creek)

Another reason I LOVE this time of the year:)

Fishy, fishy in the brook-
or in this case at the Fish Hatchery.
LOTS and lots of fish--
Mmm. I think we'll have salmon tomorrow night.
If you eat salmon, how do you cook it?
Wishing you blessings this Holy Week.

24 March 2014

On the Day I Discovered My Hubby Was Right --- Again

A lot has happened lately.
I completed a goal I set for last week
(yes, you may say 'yippee'!).
I bought the Frozen DVD and have watched it twice since Tuesday--
once with my dad
(who really liked it by the way);
once with Small One and my hubby
(who both like it too, one much more than the other).
I now find myself singing not one, but two, of the songs from the movie and
 I keep finding things I relate to in the film...
 I feel I have a lot in common with Elsa
(although her hair is a lot nicer than mine--LOL),
some things in common with Anna
(I used to be quite gullible when I was younger).
I adore rosemaling and have lots of it
AND I have had the pleasure of riding a Norwegian Fjord horse before just like Hans does
(hopefully that is the only thing I have in common with him)!
I also totally believe that Olaf the Snowman was right and there are people in my life
 "worth melting for"
(this may not mean anything to you who have yet to see the film).
Ok--enough talk about Frozen and Nordic things -- till Våffeldagen later this week that is..
On a totally unrelated subject,
this past week
we found evidence that we've been visited by either a cougar or coyotes...
Small One took it a lot better than her poor grandma (me) who has a very weak stomach
(I'll spare you the yucky details and will only say a fawn was 
in the wrong place at the wrong time).
We know for sure we have had coyotes in this area because our neighbor,
when I visited to let him know the situation, told me they had
apparently seen a pack nearby earlier this past week...
(note to self...no more nightly trips to dump garbage)
we just don't know if they were the ones responsible. 
To add to the delight of living in the country,
we also apparently have another skunk
(not under our house this time though--yea!)
and ants--lots and lots of smelly, yucky ants.
HELLO spring!
(Don't misunderstand me,
I am still very thankful to be living in the country
AND for beautiful, wonderful spring).
A lot is blooming outside
(I braved imaginary 'visions' of wild animals watching my every move (not),
to take photos and check out the blooms Sunday)...
yellow, white, purple and pink.
I LOVE it!!!
Since we last 'visited', we took Small One to the beach--yet again--under cloudy, misty skies.
And today, under sunnier ones we visited one of my favorite lakes...
I find lakes particularly relaxing, don't you?
There were quite a few people there at sunset--walking, fishing, relaxing.
Maybe we should turn our entire yard into a lake...
nah, I wouldn't have fruit to eat during the summer if we did that.
Of course, my DH did want to add yet another pond...
We opened the door to our little 'dream come true' for the first time this season
and all looks good--
I can hardly wait to use it to go camping in!
Just need to pick up a pool noodle,
 and maybe a ladder for getting into the top bed.
We also removed the remaining kiwi we stored in there during winter--
still looking pretty good considering they were picked in autumn!

I am finally in a savings mode again
(it has really hit me how little time we have left before retirement
and some major expenses coming up).
I am SO thankful our home and all of our vehicles are paid off and
that we have contributed to IRAs for quite awhile now...
but still --
time is passing all too quickly and neither of us feel totally prepared for the date soon to come.  
And now it's time to go to sleep as I have a very long list of 'to do's' this week...
and, since it's Spring Break, I might have some more time with Small One.
Yea---more Frozen viewings:)

And about the title?
It's mainly to remind ME,
 that not only was my hubby right this time,
but he was REALLY right --
like totally, completely, overwhelmingly right.
Of course, that would make me
really, totally, completely, overwhelmingly
Have a great Monday!
For, lo! the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.
The Song of Solomon 2:11, 12 KJV
Vernonia Lake at sunset
and our early spring garden.
Frozen of course refers to the latest Walt Disney animated movie.
Yep, it's another early morning blog--
so please ignore any grammatical and other errors:)

10 March 2014

Bird (+ Other Critter) 'Hunting'

 The end of the rainy, windy, stormy weather of recent times
made me yearn for a road trip Sunday,
 sent my DH and I in search of 'critters'--
especially since my favorite weather blogger nearly broke my heart recently
with his announcement that the annual south to north bird migration has begun
(and he had radar proof of it).
Could it be that our downright weird winter weather this year
 has left me lacking in bird viewing opportunities?
Sadly, yep.
But where to go?
DH and I disagreed on our destination...
turned out his suggestion couldn't have been any better :)
I wonder what squirrels think about all day long -- besides food that is.
Do you think they are as fascinated by us as we are with them?
A little river surfing??
Duck couple or a couple of ducks?
You decide:)
I used to fly too.
Unfortunately, it was only in my dreams...
and my 'wings' (arms) seemed a bit sore when I woke up.
I wonder if birds ever have sore wings...
Up close and personal
(with the help of a zoom lens and awesome bird watching manners).
Sometimes I think this would be a great ability to have...
but it kinda makes my neck hurt to think too much about it.
And a beautiful end to a surprisingly short (but hopefully sweet) post.
Have a blessed week everyone!

Sorry fellow bloggers--
I've been pretty busy these past days and it will take me awhile to catch up on blog visits.
I am looking forward to doing that though:)
Photos taken in Clackamas County, Oregon yesterday.

25 February 2014

Some Days You Just Need A Furry Friend

Some days you just need a furry friend...
Nope, not this kind.
Although these ARE very nice to cuddle up to :)

Ah! Here's the little furry friend I was thinking of
and he just so happens to be awake...
Good day Furby!

Hi Mom!
(since Furby still speaks mostly Furbish, I have already translated it for you)
Hi Furby! Want to play?
(pause for cuddles, talking, singing and playtime)
 Love you mom!
Thanks I needed that.
Love you too Furby!
And now it's naptime for you little guy.
Talk to you later:)
And so the somewhat sunny afternoon passes...
laundry was done -
the makings of Aimee's Valentine Trail were put away till next year -
carpets were vacuumed
and then the house was aired out
(LOVE our dogs; hate the smell of their hair being sucked into the vacuum) -
balanced the checkbook
(well sort of--good enough for today) -
thought a lot about doing the dishes
 (and then finally passed on it for yet another day.
Don't worry they've been rinsed and stacked) -
 Took more medicine
(Yes, I finally went to see a Health Care Professional about my ears.
 I HATE medicine and going to clinics and/or the hospital,
 but I hate this ear thing more--much more!)
Cooked dinner and then we both ate.
And not too long thereafter....
Yep! Some days you just need a furry Furby--
or at least we think so:)
And on other topics...
spring has sprung outside!
The mini daffodils are blooming
(yippee! yellow again!)
the daphne has buds almost ready to open
look what else is blooming!!
Have I said lately I LOVE spring?
How about you?
Are you ready?
I am past ready.
For more info on my little friend you can see these website:
I bought mine way back in the last millennium...
that's when they were made by Tiger Electronics.
Now they are made by Hasbro.
The Small One really loves my Furby...
someday, when she is older, it will be hers.
That way,
when she needs a furry friend because she's having one of THOSE days,
he'll be there for her too:)

20 February 2014

Recent Journeys: Of Pixies + More

I LOVE it when my kids come for a visit; it's always SO very good to see them
and I treasure every moment they're here!
Each of my kids, like my grandkids, is a very unique person so each visit is different;
still I can count on doing some things with each child that I also enjoy...
For example, our most recent visitor, I knew,
would want to visit Portland where he used to live.
I knew there would also be plenty of meals eaten out, 
because this son is a chef
 and because we both love gourmet and international food
 (which the DH doesn't really care for)...
 and I was pretty sure we'd be going to the beach at least once--
because when former Oregonians return home for a visit, that is what they do...
well at least that is what 2 of my 3 do!
Add in the Small (active, never boring) One
 and I knew we'd have plenty of fun at the beach...
and that we definitely did!
First up on our itinerary,
 a trip down Memory Lane...
For those who have been visiting for awhile, you've already met my mom's pixies and elves that I recently received. And, you also know that I used to spend major time at a magical, yummy place on the coast called Pixie Kitchen. And, you may even have gathered that I was totally bummed out when this big part of my childhood memories closed down for good in the 80's.
But as I researched for that recent post
and as fellow blogger Sallie kindly pointed out to me in the comments.
part of Pixie Kitchen DOES live on in a VERY special place not too far
from the site of the former restaurant.
With all the time I spend on the Oregon coast,
I was shocked I hadn't found this wonderful place before:)
First off I want to tell those of you with kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews,
small friends or who are just kids at heart about the SPECIAL room they have there.
It is called the Mildred + Marie Children's Corner and honestly it was AMAZING!
Where else can one find:
marionettes and a wonderful assortment of puppets to enjoy,
a kid sized HARP to play,
dress up clothes and hats to wear,
coloring pages,
a place to play cowboy
(or cowgirl--as in our case)
and a lot, lot more!
Needless to say, we will be back for more fun!
(it's nice to have another rainy day activity at the coast).

Being a museum
(North Lincoln County Museum)
the history lover will find a lot of interesting artifacts here also--
like these Japanese glass fishing floats and many things from the past and
not so distant past of this area.
during Antique Week
 you have a chance of finding your very
own vintage float on the beaches of Lincoln City...
this year hundreds of them were hidden.
Don't tell anyone, but someday I am hoping to find one:)
In addition to the great regular museum exhibits
and the awesome kid's room,
there are special exhibits---
vintage Valentine's Day cards
(someday I will post photos of the ones from my childhood that mom kept for me.
Their collection was beyond wonderful!),
(not sure if this was a regular exhibit or a special one, but I AM sure I LOVED it)
historical quilts
(you know I LOVED those).
The one above is a hand pieced, appliqued quilt from the 1830-1860s time period. It is a Democrat Rose variation quilt and made from cotton.
Well I have about a hundred photos of the museum  but when I asked for permission to take and post them I said I was just going to post just a few.
Here is their website should you want a rainy (or sunny) day activity.
I definitely recommend them
it's free right now:)
Now back to where we started---
the Pixies and Pixie Kitchen.
My kids didn't have a chance to grow up with the magic that was Pixie Kitchen,
 like I did,
and obviously my grandkids won't have that opportunity too.
So it was a BIG blessing to at least show them a bit of what made PK so very special.
Not too far from the kid's room you can find some Pixie Kitchen memorabilia...
pixies (of course!),
a backdrop,
an actual table from the restaurant,
a menu and much more.
It was glorious to see my pixie 'buddies' again,
to see my son and granddaughter standing in front of the carnival mirror that I once
(ok more then once) stood in front of...
and it was wonderful to walk down memory lane again:)
And then it was time to make some new memories at my favorite beach in this area, 
and a great restaurant...
And then head home for pizza:)
A BIG thank you to the staff of North Lincoln County Museum for granting me permission to take and post photos of their wonderful museum!
Please excuse any typos and/or grammatical errors.
I am being distracted by some ear problems that decided to 'visit' last night...and now blogger is acting up.
Sigh. I hate it when my ears are this congested and
I hate it when blogger does strange things.


18 February 2014

Recent Journeys: Of Goats + Irish Magic

This past week was full of adventures spent with someone very dear to me...
Here are some photos from one of those adventures:)
After a yummy Dutch Baby pancake for breakfast
(eaten by a sunny window overlooking some pieris in BLOOM),
we had some time to kill before lunch at Kell's...
so we tracked down a historic house that is soon to be demolished
(more on that in another post),
after a bit of trial and error,
we tracked down some very famous goats...
well, famous here in NW Oregon that is!
These are the Belmont Goats and you can meet them here:
Very soon they will be moving to a new place in the Lents area of Portland. 
Aren't they simply adorable?
I definitely think so!
 I wish them very well in their new home--
happy grazing guys!
And then we were on to Kell's
where we celebrated a very early St. Patrick's Day.
After lunch, these two quarters and a dollar bill
 joined a lot of other dollar bills and quarters
already on the ceiling.
 All of this money will be collected soon
and given to charity.
(I LOVE that)
I know, I know...
you are asking yourself
"How does the money get UP there?"
 I am most positive you are also asking yourself,  
"How does the money stay UP there?"
Well, I will tell you the secret
 if you promise never, ever to reveal it to anyone... 
OK, I think I can trust you.
The secret...
according to our wonderful Kell's waitress that is
(and she is an expert on such things)
 is a little thing called
"Irish magic".
All I can say is Irish magic must be a very powerful thing because no money
 showered down on us while we were there...
Here is my very yummy meal of Irish lamb stew and soda bread!
Mmm! Makes me hungry just looking at it again...
and I just scarfed down a smoothie not that many hours ago.
I also had a bite of their most yummy Shepherd's Pie...
sooo good!
Makes it hard to decide what to cook for St. Patrick's Day when there are all these yummy choices!
Portland is known for many things...
gray skies,
(actually it is known for many other things, but I don't want this post to be TOO long) 
OK--I feel the need for another cute goat photo here...
Can you tell I really LOVE goats?
I wish I had brought my bigger camera though
(some how I couldn't see myself lugging it through the streets of downtown Portland though)
One last photo for today...
got to get some sleep you know:)
Have a great week!

12 February 2014

Valentine's Week: Aimee's 'Heart' Trail

About a month ago,
 Linda of Linda Len's posted photos of her hike to the Christmas Ornament trail.
From the moment I saw it, I was captivated by the idea and wanted to recreate it at home--
in our not so hidden woodland.
Yesterday, with snow still on the ground (yippee!)
 and some raindrops falling, a friend and I set up the beginnings of what will be--
I hope--
a magical place for my granddaughters to visit.
Red hearts...

white lace...

heart bead necklaces for two little ladies.
Valentine's Day cookie cutters
(Mmm...makes me hungry for sugar cookies)
and some glass ornaments still to come
(after the wind settles down a bit).

Lacey bow on a Japanese maple.

And, of course, the garden had some pre-existing 'ornaments' of its own.
This plant--a Scarlett O'Hara pieris looks perfectly suited for the Day of Love
Not the best photo---
but I included it anyway because of a scary incident yesterday.
In the morning, one of our three dogs all of a sudden came up missing;
no where to be found.
Farmer Boy who always goes out with our dogs unless I do,
called and started to search the property while I prayed
(the last time this happened we believe our dog saw a coyote or mountain lion--
that time dear dog didn't bark either in response to our calls;
we finally found him cowering under our deck.)
This time dear dog, who is pretty well blind, was in our upper pond.
Fortunately the pond was so full of dense plant growth and such that he didn't sink.
Scary--for him and us.
Tonight I am very grateful for answered prayer:)
Time for bed now--
busy, busy week ahead with a Small One set for a weekend visit.
Wishing you all a very blessed and most lovely Valentine's Week!
Another GREAT idea for Valentine's Day can be found on
the site of another blogger friend, Teresa.
Teresa lives in the incredible Columbia River Gorge region of Oregon
and is extremely talented in all sorts of crafts!
 On her site she has made available a free pattern
 for Scandinavian crocheted hearts.
Take a look--
I KNOW you will love them as much as I do!
Perhaps next year, after some practice, you will even find some of them
making an appearance on my Heart Trail:)
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