22 May 2015

Seventeen Minute Post

Once upon a time there was a blogger--let's call her Aimee.
And this certain blogger lived in between the land of reality and make believe...
located somewhere near the beautiful Oregon beaches and the mountains.
one day she looked in horror at her somewhat neglected blog
and realized it had been 17 days since she had last posted.
But she also realized her hubby would soon be home
and she had been somewhat neglectful in doing
 the laundry,
the dishes,
the organizing,
the weeding,
the cleaning...
So she decided that she was going to attempt what she had never done before---
a 17 minute post
(to honor those 17 days she didn't post).
On your mark,
get set,
Lovely iris in the midst of those weeds I mentioned...
Top of lovely iris in the midst of those wonderful weeds...
Lovely columbine (we have them multiplying like rabbits this year)...
in the midst of more wonderful weeds
(which sadly are multiplying like weeds this year).
Farm life we passed on a road earlier this month...
they were, to say the least, preoccupied with other --
more important to chickens things,
Kiwi blossoms!
Lots of kiwi blossoms!
Lots of baby raspberries too...
Lots of bees here too!
And, at my sibling's home...
lots of babies.
Baby ducks and baby chicks!
So that would make me--
you got it...
an Aimee aunt:)
Thank you SO very much for all your kind comments on the previous post!
Though some dreams must die,
and some dreams change...
there is still time for lots of good dreams:)

05 May 2015

When It Rains, Sometimes It Pours (But I'm Not Referring To Precipitation)

April was not a good month. No it definitely was not!
I was either sick, recovering from being sick and exhausted all month. Along with that I lost my inspiration for blogging at some point and our high speed Internet earlier in the month than usual.
Then there were the "other" things...
Sad sigh #1:
We found out that my Chef son is -- yet again -- moving south. I will really miss our conversations, hikes and drives together, his wonderful cooking...basically I will totally and completely miss seeing him. Sometimes it's really, really hard to be a mom.
Sad sigh #2:
Found out that my best friend of almost 30 years is also moving. She's been there for me through some of the hardest times of my life. And she's more than just a good friend, she's a sister-in-Christ...I already miss her immensely and the move hasn't happened yet. I just have to keep focusing on how grateful I am to God for blessing her with this wonderful opportunity.
Sad sigh #3:
A much anticipated trip to one of my favorite places in the US fell through--a place of many memories and lovely landscapes. Soooo disappointed.
Well, there's more---but I think that's more than enough sad sighs for one blog post,
don't you agree? :)
So, on a more positive note, here's some good things that happened this April...
Our furnace broke (thank you LORD for getting us through the winter, keeping us safe AND making me aware that there was a problem before something really AWFUL happened ). My wonderfully talented hubby was able to repair it for the total cost of about $10 (let me hear another thank you God!)...
 I -- finally -- had the courage to stand up to one of the slithery ones and, wouldn't you know it, he didn't back down...But at least I lasted a few seconds before my retreat. Yea!
My Chef son promises to send me his gumbo recipe this month! Ever since Teresa started to post her photos from New Orleans and Louisiana, I have been totally inspired to work on my family lines from the South (especially making progress on extended New Orleans family--yippee!). And then, with all those great photos of southern food, I started getting interested in the cuisine of the south--hence my need for the gumbo recipe. Mmm.  Now if I could just afford a trip south...LOL.
Maybe someday!
(And a BIG thank you to Teresa for sharing her trip photos and helping to inspire me)
Though technically in early, early May, I had the opportunity to try some new foods. The first, tendon, was -- well it was interesting. If you've ever had pho, you may have already had this. It doesn't taste bad at all...but the texture is -- well, the texture of tendon is memorable and stayed with me a long, long time. A very long time. However, the flavor of the pho was fabulous and I devoured every single drop of it - tendon and all.
Also in very early May, I had a most wonderful rhubarb hand pie at one of the most wonderful bakeries in all of Portland (Baker + Spice in SW Portland)...let's just say I will be making some of these soon God willing. YUM! Additionally, I've been munching on some yummy cardomom bread from a fav Scandinavian shop...
My Bible reading for 2015 is coming right along and I will most likely be done well before year's end. YEA! I've been much more disciplined and consistent about it this year...usually I have to play catch up:) And, speaking of reading, I was FINALLY able to located a beloved book I first started reading on a stay at Leirvangen, a Norwegian B+B years ago. Can't wait to immerse myself in the land of fire and ice again...oh, and pretend I am riding a Icelandic horse:)
Well that was April, but now it's May --
and May always brings some good, good memories!
By the way,
 Feliz cinco de mayo a todos mis amigos y mi familia :)
~ * ~
Marquam Hill Trail, photo 1
Seaside Beach (access at 12th Street), photos 2, 3, 4, 10
Tryon Creek State Park, photo 5
Seaside Beach (The Cove), photos 6, 7, 8
Yummy pho, photo 9

Link to Teresa's fabulous LA posts:
(this is part 2 of 3 parts; they're all wonderful!)

A special thank you to my son for letting me borrow some of  his photos for the blog
and for forgetting the much loved and most wonderful "M" cookware here--tee hee!
Love you!

BAD HTML...oh well, time to do other things ;)

16 April 2015

Into the Woods + A Little Surprise for Small One

Spring break was a busy one for us this year. On Wednesday, I was down in the Newport area with my best friend and her grandson. Then, on the following Sunday, we visited Regatta Park and a new beach in Lincoln City with tidepools (LOVE tidepools). But the day before that we were in the valley at Milo McIver State Park enjoying...

hiking on a trail there.
We arrived soon after the Vortex Half Marathon and 10K Trail Run ended...
hence the lovely white arrows on the bridge and elsewhere.
Vortex I, for those who may not know, was a rock festival held at Milo McIver SP
 just about 45 years ago. I don't recall hearing about it at that time, but quite a few people showed up at this--believe it or not--state sponsored event. If you're interested in learning more about it, you can follow the link above to the wiki article. There was also a OPB special on it quite awhile ago--that was where I first learned about it.
Anyway, MMSP is quite a pretty place between the woodlands filled with lots and lots of green,
the Clackamas River, the creek and the views one can catch--on a clear day--of Mt. Hood.

I love the wildflowers of the PNW:)

I believe this is Dog Creek...
I couldn't believe all of the shades of green!
Truly amazing.
Spring is awesome for greens here--
right now our mountainsides look gorgeous!
And of course, our primary reason for being at MM that day...

the Clackamas Fish Hatchery!
We thought little Miss would enjoy seeing the HUGE ponds that hold a lot of growing fish.
(She did)
And then there was a little surprise -- for her and for us...

One of the very kind workers there let her (and a few others) help feed the fish!
Can you believe that?
Totally cool!
BTW, she did pretty well and really enjoyed doing it!

This time we also took a peek inside the small visitor building which contains the incubation room and displays showing the life cycle of the fish--from zygote (isn't that the coolest word? LOL) to fry (oh, oh...when I see that word, my mind wonders to eating. Bad me).

 Another great thing about MM?
We often see horses being ridden on the trails there.  
Makes me want one again...

Milo McIver State Park
Here's a link for more info

And now back to researching my latest idea for a trip...
this one will be a trip down memory lane:)

07 April 2015

The Life + (Recent) Times of Aimee

Recently my life included lovely moments like this one--
at a newly discovered (for me that is) beach.
And exciting moments like this...
and this...
enjoying the wonders of this new and interesting place!
And then there were neat moments like this...
not our catch,  but those of a very blessed family
 who would be enjoying a very yummy dinner later that day!
Mmm. BBQ fish...
And recently my life included a few anxious moments watching this drone...
and thinking the entire time,
I hope they know what they're doing
(as it flew and dived over our car--again and again)
Fortunately they did
Then, of course, there were those memorable moments on the other side of the coast range...
but you'll have to wait awhile to see those times because I need to get some sleep so I can spent
a LOT of moments today catching up on housework.
Wishing you a blessed week full of memorable moments!
Lincoln City
Milo McIver State Park

28 March 2015

Spring Break: Along Yaquina Bay and Parts North

It's spring break in Oregon,
so mid-week my best friend of many, many years and I spent
some time together on the central Oregon coast. And, because there
was no school, we brought some of our favorite kiddos along--
Small One and my BFF's grandson.
Some photos from our daytrip...
In this aquarium some of the creatures stare back at you...
(Speaking of creatures, it's prime whale watching time right now in Oregon
so get out to your favorite headland and bring a good pair of binoculars!)
A view of the Yaquina Bay bridge from a different vantage point than I've seen before.
I'll have to come back on a sunnier day and take another photo...
and maybe, maybe take some using my zoom lens too.

The Yaquina Bay lighthouse.
There are two lighthouses in the area--this one and the Yaquina Head lighthouse
which is located a little further to the north.
Kind of an unusual lighthouse in that the living quarters and light are in the same building.
A little closer view of the bridge I love--
when I'm not on it that is.  
One of the murals along the historic, working bayfront area...
sadly we couldn't get parking this time. Of course I've been here before
so I wasn't too disappointed.  
A quick drive-by shot in the Nye Beach district--
another historic area in Newport.
Can you see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse off to the left?
After a yummy shrimp melt sandwich at Moe's
(yes we went up to the Siletz Bay one then we returned south to Beverly Beach
for some fun in the sand and surf).
A new game...

with an expected outcome.
Just to let you know, I wasn't too comfy with this game
and made her move further up on the sand.
Too many news reports on sneaker waves...

Kite flying time...
for my friend, granddaughter and I.
See how the sun came out?

A view to the north...
It was a GREAT day,
full of some surprises,
some new-to-us destinations
a lot of good conversation.
Makes it all the harder knowing things will soon change...
Well we have a lot of plans for tomorrow so it's time,
past time actually,
for some shut eye.
Good night :)
Wishing you all a very blessed Palm Sunday weekend!
Hatfield Marine Science Center (OSU)
(link above to another post I did with a lot more photos and a link to their site)
Newport's south jetty
(first time there!)
Newport's historic bayfront
(lots to look at and as an extra bonus, sea lions)
Beverly Beach

23 March 2015

What Serenity Looks Like

Serenity surrounded us there.
It accompanied me as I passed by the ponds.

It filled my heart as I beheld this grove of trees.
And with it came a sense of wonder as I stood on the bridge watching a pair of ducks below
and later contemplated the seed head of a dandelion.
The calls of assorted birds could be heard as I wondered along
through forest, meadow and oak savannah.
They filled my heart with joy!
For a time this past Sunday this is what serenity looked like.  
What kind of places make you feel peaceful?

The WORD on Monday:)
These things I have spoken unto you,
that in Me ye might have peace.
In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world.
John 16:33 KJV
Early spring.
Tualatin River NWR
(one of several refuges in the Willamette Valley--all unique;
all wonderful when you're looking for a bit of serenity and wonder)
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