26 August 2015

Our Day (From the Furry One): National Dog Day

Hi to all my furry, four footed friends and their owners  out there in cyber-land!
It's me---
the small, furry, extraordinarily cute, super talented and totally humble one writing to you
 from the lovely--about to receive a rain blessing--Pacific Northwest!
And why am I posting instead of Mom you say?
Well Mom is on a blog break right now, with a HUGE "to do" list,
and it just so happens that this is a VERY special day in America for us canine types!
And, since I am POSITIVELY sure she wouldn't have forgotten to post
 something for this VERY special day--
MY day,
and since she occasionally gives me treats,
I am going to cut her a little slack
and post about OUR special day myself--
being the totally talented pup that I am.
So a
to all my paw-d friends out there
and enjoy the photos:):)

This is me with my pesky brother.
He's the one I like to bark and jump at sometimes...
like ANYTIME there's something I can't get to that I don't like
(the neighbor's chickens come to mind).

And this is my brother again.
He is rather cute don't you think?
And, finally, this is our oldest brother when he was just a pup.
He's the one that got this whole thing rolling.
You see Mom fell in love with our types and one day came home with him in tow
and, within a short time, Dad loved him SO much --
well the rest is history
(or should I say our-story?)
Oh, oh.
It's time for our afternoon break.
I got to go
Puppy love,
The small, furry, white one.
Oh, yea--please forgive the photo quality.
I may be SUPER talented but my photo editing skills are rather lacking:)

22 August 2015

Scenes Of The Bay + Seashore For Your Saturday

Blessed Saturday to you all!
Today Farmer Boy and I are quite busy working on house repairs (him) and the garden (me).
Therefore I am going to keep this post rather short so I can get back outside:)
SO much to do...
As is always the case, my body may be in our garden on this Saturday,
but my heart is along the bay--
the beautiful, wonderful bay.

(Photo: another view of the Three Graces near Barview and the mouth of Tillamook Bay)
How I would LOVE to be anywhere along its shores right now...
at Kilchis Point Reserve,
Bayocean County Park,

(Photo: Garibaldi, Tillamook Bay)
How I would love to be eating some fish there right now or maybe a yummy shrimp salad.

But it isn't to be,
 and a almond butter and organic honey sandwich will have to do for lunch today.

(Photo: oyster shell "mountains" and seagulls along Tillamook Bay)
 God willing, it won't be too long before I will yet again
be walking the familiar sands of our beaches and bays,

(Photo: seagulls at Rockaway Beach--just north of Tillamook Bay)

admiring the lovely offshore rock formations,

(photo: Twin Rocks from Rockaway Beach)

or watching with interest the workers ready the historic train before she takes off along the shore.

(Photo: train at Rockaway)

But for now, all these lovely pastimes will have to wait till we take care of things here at home.

And, sadly, this blog will have to be put on hold for awhile too.
Hopefully by then I will be able to post more recent photos of raindrops :(

Until we meet again.

Blessings & peace to you,

(the train pictured above is over 100 years old!)

18 August 2015

Return To The Nestucca River National Country Byway: The Canyon

Both Farmer Boy and I have fond memories of the Nestucca River
 from when we were younger...
I recall camping along it at least once, under the stars, with my then best friend and also of times spent at a park that was located at the base of a dam (no longer accessible).
My hubby recalls visiting the area of the Meadow Lake dam which failed in the early 60s, fishing the Nestucca River and also of a "swimming hole".

Not so very long ago it became our "mission" to find that somewhat elusive "swimming hole".

Just a note that I am arranging these photos from east to west so,
if you look at the links below,
you'll have a better idea of what to expect.
And now some green immersion for this warm summer day:)
The coast range is a wonderland of ferns, trees and more. I never tire of it!
Not too far from the site of historic Meadow Lake Dam
you'll enter into the lovely Nestucca river canyon.
Pretty overhead woodland canopy.
Our furry passenger on this mission on her way to her beloved dad.
Coming Papa!
The swimming hole from above.
Much prettier in person where you can truly enjoy the peace of the area.
Lovely, lovely green. Is it my Celtic DNA that makes me love this color?
There were places on the route that reminded me of a tree "cathedral"--so amazing!
I am constantly amazed at the artistry of our Creator!

A small detour off the main road brought us to this nice view.
LOVE (usually) those small detours--
of course there are those narrow, winding, cliff filled, car injuring forest roads
  that I am not too fond of:)
They are not too far from here.
By the way there are a number of waterfalls in this area--some easier to get to than others.

Can I also say that we had a very magical experience while in the canyon?
A beautiful butterfly accompanied our moving car for awhile--
almost flying through our open window.
Totally amazing!
Rural view as we draw closer to the coast.
Another thing I never tire of? Clouds, mist and fog on my beloved mountains and hillsides.
Good bye for now my beloved Nestucca River--
see you again.

Before I close this post--
in fitting with the beautiful creation experienced along this byway--
a bit of the WORD for your day (even though it's not Wednesday--LOL)

Praise ye the LORD. Praise, O ye servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD...
From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD's name is to be praised.
Psalms 113:1, 3 KJV
Blessings, Aimee

Some info:
There are two routes through this lovely area.
One, the Bald Mountain road is a one lane paved road and, as you may guess from the "mountain" part of the name, it'll take you up in elevation. Later, you will turn onto Bible Creek Rd (two way paved road) which will--in time--rejoin the main route after the campgrounds.
The second and main route is the one through the Nestucca River canyon. On this one, the road is paved except for a few miles of gravel. As I have mentioned, you can also camp here along the river. Both routes are meant to be taken slowly and enjoyed :)
My Collection --thus far--of Nestucca River National Country Byway Posts:
(Meadow lake dam)
(Bible Creek Rd, Lake, etc.)
(Bald Mountain/Bible Creek Rd Route)
(Bald Mountain/Bible Creek Rd Route--first time)
(Meadow Lake area and more)
(Meadow Lake area, viewpoint BLM)

And, somewhere, hiding in my files and possibly this website,
 are photos of two of the waterfalls along this route and
one of those narrow, winding, cliff filled, car injuring forest roads
  that I am not too fond of ;)

12 August 2015

Coastal Collection (+ A Bit Of A Catchup)

Oh my have we been busy these past weeks.
Small One returned from her visit to summer "camp" and we had the pleasure of her company for several days, including a family reunion where we got to chat with relatives we hadn't seen in quite awhile! A lovely trip was made to my beloved mountains where childhood memories were revisited when we rediscovered a swimming hole. Time was spent along the always beautiful sea too where we enjoyed watching a historic train and ate a picnic lunch at a favorite place.
New memories were made at a beloved Scandinavian Festival in the valley,
 where a young one tried out folk dancing, and then just a day later, at a beautiful hillside setting, for a wonderful pow wow. These were some of our fun times.
More challenging times have been dealing with our house and its ongoing problems. Mature, beloved shrubs and trees had to be cut down---cut down with only a slight glimmer of hope that they will grace our life again. But there was no choice as repairs have to be made on the house before the autumn rain season begins and their continued presence would have endangered my Farmer Boy. Sigh, deep--deep sigh.
Speaking of rain--we badly need some. A soaking rain. Actually several soaking rains. This drought is really taking a toll all over the Pacific NW. With all this busyness and stress I feel a bit parched too and am thankful Elul begins this week--I badly need it!
And now, a few photos till I have more time:)
The Three Graces--near Garibaldi + Barview
(love, love, love these beautiful rocks!)
Neskowin Beach
Spoiled, cute, white, fluffy dog at Neskowin
Spoiled, cute, white, fluffy dog having some lunch at Neskowin
Local residents of Bayocean (bayside)
shot as usual during the not-so-golden hours
 Cape Meares Lake
and the Cape Meares community
(from Bayocean Dike Road)
A Neskowin Beach resident
LOL--love this one:)
Before I go, a WORD for Wednesday -- a good verse for Elul too.
You caused abundant rain to fall, O God.
When Your inheritance was weary You revived it.
Psalm 68:9 LEB
Revive us LORD.
Wising you all a joy filled August!
Scripture quotations marked (LEB) are from the Lexham English Bible.
Copyright 2012 Logos Bible Software. Lexham is a registered trademark of Logos Bible Software.

21 July 2015

Between Bay + Ocean: Bayocean Peninsula County Park

Bay view from Bayocean Dike Road past the gate. If you look really hard
you can see the historic smokestack located in Garibaldi. Clicking on the photo makes it larger.

 I've written about Bayocean before and the role that the north jetty at Barview played in its demise. Well this last weekend, on a "nice" sunny,  HOT day we took a trip out there--to this lovely spot located between bay and ocean

After getting on the wrong road and ending up in Netarts, we put my phone's navigation software and GPS to work and found the somewhat elusive Bayocean Road. Yippee! (If you are gaining elevation, you are NOT on the right road. We saw no signs pointing us the right direction.)
Memaloose Point area
  The bay was beautiful--despite the fact that it was not, as usual, the "golden" hour...
oh well you can't have everything, right? :)
the natives were also lovely and added to our enjoyment of the approximately 5 mile drive out to the peninsula. One small segment even reminded me of the Hood Canal of Washington state and its small homes along the water!
View of the Bayocean Dike Road from the parking area. The lower road runs along Tillamook Bay and carries traffic towards the parking area; the higher road passes by Lake Cape Meares and carries traffic back to Bayocean Road.
The dike road (Bayocean Dike Road) was a piece of cake...as usual I fretted over NOTHING imagining a road with steep drop-offs into the lake and bay from a very narrow dike. That's what you get when you have the wrong perspective on something:)
With furry white one in tow we headed out -- at first -- on road that runs along the bay, but hubby quickly decided we should reroute to the beach. A visit to the townsite's original location would have to wait for now...sigh (bay pic at the top of this post is from this area).
Returning to the parking lot, we found the sandy trail and headed westward...
Looking southward from the trail
The scenery on the way was lovely! Scotchbroom (some which still had a few blooms on it), trees, grasses---loved it! But what wasn't so lovely was the sand on the trail was blazing HOT (and I do mean BLAZING)...sheer agony as I couldn't walk barefoot and the sand kept working its way under the soles of my feet because I had worn, not knowing, flip flops. OUCH, agony, pain.
But we persevered, extremely thankful for the grass at the sides of the trail and all shady spots. Talking to a couple fellow trekkers we gained hope that the trip was well worth it and then...

 one last hill to climb and we would be there.
Much cooler sand on the beach. Ahhhh. Lovely on the footsies!
 Beautiful view towards the Cape Meares area
(the community and headland)
Some buildings from Bayocean were moved to the town there...
Beautiful views to the north too
(Barview area, jetties and more)
The ocean (west of course)--always lovely
Eastward view towards the dunes and center of the spit. .
Was Aimee happy and was it worth it?
Oh YES...despite getting a friction blister. At least I no longer have the splinter, I had picked up earlier in the week, thanks to DH "doctoring" before we left to Bayocean:)
And the hike that seemed to be SO long?
Well, per the measuring tool on the most wonderful Google maps...
yep, it was about 1/3 mile one way.
But now I have another problem.
I have to convince my wonderful hubby to make a return visit :)
The Bayocean link above will take you to a prior post where I've listed some great websites on Bayocean and its fascinating, though sad, history.
Another excellent website I found recently is here:
(some of his posts have really given me a new perspective on Bayocean and its actual location)
Since this post was so photo heavy, I'll include some pictures of Cape Meares Lake at a different time. Heading south on Bayocean Dike Road it's to your right--
it was formed when they built the dike to reconnect the Bayocean spit which had, temporarily become an island in the 1950s due to winter storms and beach erosion caused by building (and later extension) of just the north jetty.
PDF map of Tillamook County -- will give you a perspective on where
the different locations mentioned are.
Once on the peninsula you can have quite the hike if you are up to it...

14 July 2015

Return to Kilchis Point

It was over a year ago that we first walked some of the trail system at the Kilchis Point Reserve.
When I recently found out they had made some more improvements to the trail that leads to the wonderful Tillamook Bay, I knew we had to revisit ---
so I said au revoir to my current mission of decluttering
and we (being the Farmer Boy, the furry one and I) took off for a day along the bay.
The flowers were beautiful...
The trails were fabulous--
paver bricks on the trailhead loop,
compacted gravel on the other trails
and wooden bridges over the creeks--some of which looked pretty dry to us.
We really, really need a soaking rain right now.  
The forest and woodlands were a Celtic gal's delight with green everywhere!
Got to LOVE that color...
especially with many areas looking more like late summer right now.
Woodland canopy--nice!
Sweet birdsong included for free!
Many educational interpretive signs to read along all the trails...
And about a mile later...
A view of Tillamook Bay from the new, incredibly fragrant cedar gazebo!
with an ADA ramp nonetheless
(sorry about the overexposed bay in the background. I'll have to research how to fix that).
Of course, there was NO way I was going to stop at the gazebo--
no matter how fragrant it was.
Down to the bay,
the beautiful bay...
muddy sandals, pretty views!
Oh to see this lovely place at sunrise or sunset when the light is golden and wonderful.
Undisturbed, peaceful, natural.  
No wonder I often daydream about being in my pioneer ancestor's shoes...
to see large areas like this, to live in an area like this.
Pure paradise.
I can hardly wait till their next update--
I am REALLY excited about it:)
Well it's time to eat the marionberries my DH picked for me.
Yep, turned out we had a few left and they're all mine :)
Thank you hubby!

I leave you with this picture of a Kilchis Point Reserve resident.
Neat huh?
Hope you enjoyed our trip to the bay...
time for berries!
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