12 August 2016

Magical Summer Continued

One morning we got up really early and headed off to Depoe Bay. 
Early mornings in a fishing community is magical too with the sounds and sights of boats getting ready to leave the safety of the bay for the open sea. It truly was an experience I won't soon forget!
BTW, do you see the little beach in the corner there? 
In all the times I have been to Depoe Bay (and there have been countless times), I had NO idea there was any beach in the city at all:)

Some of the life to be seen in the tidal pools further north...

One of the local residents--
I never tire of seeing them. 

Might have already posted this..apologies if I did. 
This is looking northward from the tidal pools. 
Our visitors totally fell in love with them...
I can hardly wait to show them the ones we recently visited--
no slippery rocks there :)

I feel like someone is watching me!
Shudder, shudder. 

Pink flowers! As you may know this girl LOVES pink. 
Did I tell you my sweet kids bought me a iPhone this summer?
And, they made sure it was rose colored (technically rose gold)...
it is SO fun to be able to FaceTime them now and, not only hear them, but SEE them too!
Can hardly wait till my DD joins our bunch of Apple lovers:)

North of Depoe Bay, south of the tide pools, is the historic community of Taft (part of Lincoln City) and lovely Siletz Bay. And these guys are some of their more famous residents--
the Salesian Spit harbor seals. 
They were more active then I had seen them before and we enjoyed watching them move about on land and in the bay.

Such fun we had--posting these photos brings back those days!

Hope you are making sweet memories this summer too!


10 August 2016

Magical Summer

This has been a magical summer. 
YES it has!
Not too hot for the most part
(always awesome for those of us who are heat intolerant), 
but still filled with many beautiful days.

Garden pickings have been plentiful enough for us to be able to stop buying fruit at the grocery store. 
Figs, lots of berries, apples and Asian pears with more fruit on the way. 

Hubby and I have been eating MUCH healthier and losing weight (yippee!)
and I am right on schedule to be my ideal, healthy weight in early autumn:)
Now that my DH is retired, 
we've also been hiking more in varied locations
(although I am sidelined today by a blister--boo!). 
And hopefully, hopefully we'll be able to do some camping soon too. 

It has indeed been a summer full of blessings
and I will be telling you more about them in the next few weeks
(we upped our data plan and have figured out part of the tech trouble we were having)

And now for blessing #1: 
Do you remember way back in May when I said I had some news?
Well between tech problems -- which included phone issues on both of my smartphones--
I just couldn't find a good pix of someone special who I wanted to introduce you to. 
And I definitely wanted a good pic because this little somebody is indeed VERY special...

then early one morning, about 0100 (1:00 AM for those who don't speak hospital or military time), I got the strangest text from my DD and it turned out she was bringing this special little someone, 
and four other very special people to see us. Oh--and she expected to be here in about 6 hours.

And, a bit later then the appointed time, 
after a marathon 6 -8 hour all night cleaning session, 
my house and we were ready to meet our guests:)

So, without further delay, 
our newest special one. 

Yes, we are totally in love with her--and with ALL of our special guests!
SO adorable!
Just like her adorable daddy and mommy:)

This special little someone is our very FIRST great-granddaughter
and it goes without saying that she is cute, charming, totally well behaved 
and very, VERY special!

And, though our family had been on the road for hours and hours...
I knew where they'd want to go...
I told my hubby before they ever arrived.
And, yep, I was right...
they wanted to see our lovely sand and ocean right then. 
So down to the sand we did go. 

BTW, THREE of our very special guests had never, 
and I do mean NEVER, 
been to a ocean beach before.  

So, over the next 
--all too short days--
we beach hopped. 
And had an AMAZING time!!

And I remembered, what I had seemingly forgotten, 
that EARLY mornings are BEST spent on the sand...
(oh yea, one of my special visitors is on one of those boats out there)

Though you can't really see, 
the lighting is more magical in the morning, 
the beaches and roads a LOT less crowded. 
The atmosphere even feels different. 
And when a minus tide and those early AM hours coincide?
Aimee is in heaven. 
And that's the SAME way our special visitors felt as we walked the sands 
and explored the AMAZING life to be found in the tide pools.

God definitely blessed us this summer
and there were more blessings to come. 
I hope this has been a summer of blessings for you as well. 


Lincoln City, Oregon

14 May 2016

A Walk Among the Irises and Columbine

Aimee was VERY bad last month. 

You see Aimee is a VERY passionate person--
especially when it comes to history. 
And, it just so happened that a LOVELY history research project developed in her mind 
early in April
and that was it...
before long I was dragging my DH to a pretty little area in the valley
and spending a WHOLE bunch of time there and
on the Internet doing research.
And, soon, very soon--
almost ALL of our allotted data time was gone. 

No data for browsing your lovely blogs,
no data to share my adventures with you. 
Poor hubby. He suffered too.

But, it's a new month. 
And if I am really good, 
I might be able to catch up with my pastime of browsing blogs
and, maybe just maybe, create a few of my own. 
And if I am bad?
Well, I found a public wifi I can use :)

Here is our latest adventure...
a trip to a bit of heaven known as Schreiner's Iris Garden.

And now the photos
(data time is flying by)

Every time we go here, 
I am awed by the beauty and peace!

So MUCH variety!

Truly paradise!

Just incredible! 

My Mom would have loved it here--
she loved columbines. 
I do too and our home garden has many. 

A walk here always changes my focus--
it's like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a dust storm. 

A drink of cool water in the midst of a hot desert. 

I am crossing my fingers in hope that we make it back this way soon:)

A lot has happened since my last post. 
Many road trips as always. 
A trip back in time to the days of Beverly Cleary
(the object of the research project I mentioned). 
And there was unexpected news...

See ya soon!

(amazing, amazing place!)

09 April 2016

Abundant Blessings

So much has happened since last I posted, but first I would like to take a moment and extend a HUGE thank you to those who left comments on the sad passing of our little Eskie gal. She will be missed for a long time always, but we have a lot of sweet memories of her and lots of photos. 
THANK YOU everyone--you are most KIND!

Now for the main reason I have been absent for a long time...and it's actually a GOOD thing, one of those blessings this post is about. Not too long after THAT sad day, my eldest son gifted me with a new little toy to play with and that is what I've been doing these past weeks....
to be honest, there were definitely some moments when it felt more like WORK than play, (that's what happens when you have to learn a totally different OS from what you have used FOREVER),  but now I am pretty good still learning to do things the Apple way and I mostly LOVE my laptop! Of course it helps to have SO much info on the web and a son that does tech support:)

Besides computer challenges and triumphs, my hubby and I have been taking a lot of day trips. We've been to beaches, bays, rivers, historical sites, lakes, wetlands and up hills. We have also been planning a few trips--some close, some further away. We'll see...

And now a few photos...I still haven't transferred any of the ones on my phones and even the most recent ones on my cameras. BUT, and this is an important but, at least I know how to transfer the photos now to my laptop and somewhat edit and organize them:):) And, as of just a few moments ago, I can actually upload them--sort of--to blogger. LOL.
 I am just SO used to doing things the other, non Apple way.
Oh well, challenges are good. I think:)
Update: my phone, the phone I was going to transfer those photos from...
well it's now decided not to respond anymore. Sigh. Good thing I had texted some of
them to my e-mail awhile back--but some photos are probably lost for good.
Now on a happier note...photo time!
(Still learning this new photo editing app so bear with me please.
Suggestions welcome!)

One day we came back from a wetland area to find we had some visitors of our own. 
Apparently these guys take their "free ranging" seriously! 

Our wetlands adventures were many and we loved seeing all the geese, swans, ducks, eagles, egrets, heron and even beavers close up this winter! It almost made ALL the rain worth it (almost being the keyword here). 

Aren't they amazing? 

Beautiful on the ground, in the lake and in flight!

One last photo for now--
this is Depoe Bay on the central Oregon coast. 
The surf and sea spray was amazing that day spraying up onto the parking area...
a BIG blessing!

Yikes! I just looked at the time and it's way past bedtime. Hopefully by my next post I will have perfected the photo editing programs and can upload faster. Until then--


PS: Is everything in your yard in bloom right now? I can hardly believe it but we have roses--yes roses--in bloom! It isn't the first time, but it is still a bit shocking to see daffodils and roses all within a few yards of each other. Spring is AMAZING!

03 February 2016

Weeping Wednesday

She became part of our family in 2003 --
the last year all of our kids called the PNW home;
the year the changes began.
The "runt" of the litter--a wonderful combo of white fluffy fur, emotions and energy.
She was perfect paw-fect and we knew she should make her home with us.  
As the years passed she would become more sure of herself
and in time took a more dominant role in her "pack".
She loved spending time with
her aunts, who often would feed her treats...
her human brother and sis who loved her...
her nieces and nephews too.

but most of all, she loved spending time with her Alpha Daddy Dog
(AKA Farmer Boy).
He was EVERYTHING to her.
She was an accomplished blogger,
creating at least two three posts on this blog
Her favorite subject being HERSELF
(of course).
She was not one bit conceited
or maybe she was just totally secure in our love.
She could be sad, happy, shy, bold, curious, temperamental, manipulative,
loving, cuddly, wanting to be left alone--
the one thing she never was--
was boring.  
She loved people food.
She didn't like dog food.
She hated chickens (the live ones).
She had a love-hate relationship with cats
(but apparently learned one day they are best left alone).
She had a love-hate relationship
with her doggie brothers too
 (especially if there were any chickens in sight or earshot).
She hated her picture being taken.
Kind of like yours truly:)
She was a good watchdog;
incredibly loyal to her Daddy Dog.
She trusted him implicitly and he never, ever let her down.
She was one of a kind;
I can't imagine ever finding another pup like her.
Could there ever be one?
She loved to travel and did so routinely--
from the heights of Timberline Lodge (Mt Hood)
to the sandy beaches along the Oregon coast.
Forests, the Coast Range, the valley...
Trips will not be the same without her. 
Sad sigh.
I thank God for creating you my furry one and for bringing you into our lives.
I thank Him for answering my prayer and letting us know,
beyond a shadow of a doubt,
it was time to let you go
(even though my heart is breaking from your loss).

Know that I will miss you intensely each and every day but
 your paw prints will forever be etched in my heart.
Go with God now my Furry One.
Farewell and thank you for everything.
Love Always,
In memory of our Baby Girl Eskie who died this week

27 January 2016

Wetlands Wednesday

Like a hawk I have been watching...
for another rain break
for a certain road closed by high water to reopen.
This week both happened
and we (hubby and I) set off towards a certain wetland I had been wanting to visit
 since I first heard about it.
When we arrived I was truly blown away by the tranquil scene before us.
It was better than a massage,
better than dark chocolate,
better than...
well at least it was better FOR ME than a whole lot of things:)
A lot of the usual feathered friends were there...
an egret
(I think he fit in well with the Oriental feel that part of the wetlands has),
(A special thank you to Teresa for reigniting my desire to see these beauties this winter!
BTW, for some amazing close ups of Mirror Lake's tundra swans see Teresa's lovely post on "her" feathered friends here:
The trail around the lake was amazing--
all except for one snake who was definitely NOT hibernating
(being that this blog is a no-snake zone,
I am not posting any of the 3 photos I took of the slithery one)
The trail is mostly flat and only a tiny bit over one mile in length.
Oh, oh DH is up and foraging through the fridge in search of food.
Better go:)
Night all!

22 January 2016

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me :)

Every so often a miracle occurs here in the Pacific NW.
The gray, drippy and very dreary winter skies give way to blue ones
(or at least partially blue ones)
Aimee, sick or not,
escapes to one of the many roads which -- sooner or later -- leads her to a wetland area.

You see one of the TWO things Aimee likes LOVES about winter are the numerous wetlands
and their amazing inhabitants
(the other, as you may already know, is snow, snow and more snow)!
Today Farmer Boy and I set off to explore a wetland I had just learned about
and another that we had driven by, but not stopped at before.
A tiny chipmunk we saw.
Perhaps his name is Alvin?
"My" beloved geese.
A mourning dove?
A hawk who likes heights better than yours truly.
A lovely snow white egret.
Guess who?

One of the major challenges was actually being able to get there...
we got turned back twice when trying to visit one of the areas I wanted to explore.
Of course, sometimes one HAS to get out even if the skies aren't blue
and we've done a little of that too. Those photos another time.
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