01 February 2013

The Month of Love: Day I

"Love comforted like sunshine after rain."
William Shakespeare, Venus and Adonis
The first day of February saw me admiring a golden sun and blue sky.
Unfortunately, I had slept little at my dad's and had fallen asleep with my contacts on 
(my eyes were screaming at me of the 'wisdom' of that decision).
So after a morn snack,
a 'chat' with my dear daughter
(whose eye was screaming at her too),
and a little TV
(please pray for the little boy being held against his will in Alabama and for his family too).
it was off to bed for a few hours.
Yes, it was a little difficult because of the sun
but my eyes were SCREAMING and I couldn't ignore it anymore.
And then I got up, put on my contacts and went in search of love...
Well I went off to find things that remind me of love...
specifically my wedding day:)
First goal-
my going away dress....
it was a struggle to get it out of the dark recesses of the closet where it
 and my wedding gown have been residing for years.
But I was determined because it was
1. a sunny day
2. it is the first day of the month of love
(besides it was good exercise).

My going away dress was a Gunne Sax,
very popular at that time
and apparently experiencing a 'revival' in popularity.
I still love the lace detail,
the feminine style,
the color--a very light natural (between an ivory and white),
the neckline and all the other detail.
It also gave me some more incentive to keep on the path I have been following since January 20
(although I don't plan on losing quite that much---
I was a size 5 when I married and way too skinny!
Funny how I could eat everything then and not put on a pound. ).
Here's the label...
And here's a close up of some of the lace...
Yep, I LOVE lace...
which reminds me I found some pillow shams in another dark recess of my room.
They have some nice lacy detail on them,
which is what I've been wanting for the bed.
Now I can cross off those items on my 'wanted' list:)
After my search for the day was over I went outside to tour our yard,
count (LOL) the gopher/mole holes in the Japanese-style garden and check for any blooming items...
and found this
and our irises were even bigger!
It almost feels like spring
and I LOVE that:)
What are you up to these days?
Are you craving spring also
(or autumn if you are in the southern hemisphere)?
And now,
speaking of cravings,
I need to go devour my new secret weapon that keeps me from devouring my DH's chocolate:)
For help with identifying whether your dress is real or not
(I guess some people are now selling counterfeit Gunne Sax dresses)
see this terrific post
LOVE vintage...wish the mice hadn't gotten into some of my other old clothes.

When Aimee Dreams...(pt 2)

As I was saying this whole journey started with a dream
(lately I've had dreams about meeting William Shatner -- who I actually did see at a fair one year,
a very sad looking former coworker -- who I hope isn't sad,
my grandson eating heart shaped cookies and my daughter going to get one -- probably related to the fact that I am currently on a diet
and more)
But back to the dream,
the dream with a covered bridge...
and this time (third journey to find this particular bridge) we had success!

Ladies (and possibly gentlemen) may I introduce you to the Free Enterprize bridge...
(this was our third attempt to find it)
and yes we can grow some palm trees and other 'tropical' looking plants in the PNW.
Along the journey we drove this country road...
I LOVE roads like this,
especially on foggy days...
you never know what you'll find.
BTW, my DH 'swears' he saw a Bigfoot one time on a mountain road.
Do you think I should believe him?

 Back to the beach and our posing seagull...
can't get enough of him (or her).


A path not yet taken...
but one that looks interesting.
I also haven't stayed in a yurt yet.
That's on my unofficial 'bucket' list.

And I leave you with this quiet waterside view.

Have any of your dreams led you on a journey?


Notes: central coast and elsewhere, January 2013
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