13 April 2013

More Tulips

Today's plans have changed a bit...
but I am EXCITED because Farmer Boy repaired our lawn tractor and I am looking forward
 to again zipping across our yard on it this spring, summer and early fall.
Today's weather isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be from the forecast I heard on Friday
 so maybe later we'll go to one of my favorite places...
Until then Blogger has graciously agreed (and cooperated) with the upload of more tulip photos...


The famous pink John Deere tractor from another angle...
Aren't those dark tulips amazing?
I believe they're called Queen of the Night.
But still I DO love my pinks...
Glorious, wonderful, beautiful pink...
I am SO thankful that God created pink...
(and secretly hoping for lots of it in heaven along with horses).
I am SO thankful that blogger is semi-cooperating with me today.
I am SO thankful that Farmer Boy got the tractor up and running.
I am SO thankful for the weather not being too bad today.
I am SO thankful to have heard incredible news from my daughter today.
Anything you're thankful for today?
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
(first post has more information)

12 April 2013

A Stroll Through the Tulips: Pt 2

I am beginning to think blogger is pulling an April Fool's Day joke on me...
but the joke is on it because I am one very persistent lady:)
More tulips for you (and me).
My love affair with pink continues...
with NO sign of it ever ending.
I want a bench like this for our place...
and a garden of tulips
(or at least a planter box full of them due to our ongoing battles
with the evil gophers who want to redesign our gardens.
They can't dig in our planter boxes..LOL).
Where are my grandkiddos when I need them?
But the cutout shape does say a lot about how I feel about tulips
and this beautiful farm:)
Do you have a favorite bulb?
More later
(the way this is going you might be seeing tulips daily for awhile...)
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
(see prior post for their contact and festival info)
And now...time to check the laundry load drying outside...
feels much colder today-brrr!

A Stroll Through the Tulips

Springtime in the Pacific NW means many things...
hanging laundry outside to dry (love),
usually better weather (love),
more hours of daylight (definitely love),
bbq season soon (can you tell what's on my mind?)
and blossoms,
lots and lots of blossoms!
And, if I get tired of seeing the blossoms in our yard,
I can just go strolling through other peoples' gardens.
One of the places I love to go is Wooden Shoe Farm located in the Woodburn area...
It's been a few years since I was last here...
and I found some changes--
like this PINK John Deere tractor
(and you KNOW I LOVE pink)!
 And then there are always the tulips,
And I will have more tulip pictures for you later...
depending on Blogger's mood that is:)
What are you doing this lovely Friday?
Right now the tulips are in full bloom
it isn't raining either
It's Tulip Festival time:)
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Woodburn, Oregon
As always (unless otherwise noted),
I am not associated with the farm in anyway...
but I am a repeat visitor and customer
*and I LOVE it there amidst the many colored tulips*

10 April 2013

A RIDE to Remember

 (note: there's a pretty short ad first--sorry)
Once upon a time there was a crazy grandma.
And once upon a time she took her three wonderful, thrill loving grandsons and daughter
for a day of fun at an amusement park.
Now this grandma's idea of an adventure at an amusement park includes rides on
carousels, trains,
 and a long, long time ago, ferris wheels.
But never, ever roller coasters.
 That is till that fateful day...
the day she decided she just had to ride a roller coaster once before she died.
So she gathered information relevant to the goal she had in mind:
she talked to the kids there---
who all lied to her and told her it wasn't bad at all
was, in fact,  a LOT of fun.
(She should have known better...)
And she counted the exact time it took to complete each ride cycle--
from the beginning to the end she knew exactly how long it would take in seconds,
And after several minutes of information gathering
she convinced herself it couldn't be THAT bad,
could it?
And so,
she boarded a car
and quickly
 learned the shocking truth...
even grandmas CAN be wrong:)
For from the very beginning to the very end,
this grandma was truly terrified and convinced she was going to fly out of the coaster car
at any moment.
In fact, so convinced was she of this,
that her arms were covered with bruises for days after
and her whole body oh so sore
from holding on for dear life.
But she had done it...
I ask you,
is your idea of a good time at amusement parks the carousel?
The ferris wheel?
Or is it...like ALL the rest of my thrill loving family,
the roller coaster?
And what items on your 'bucket list' if you have one...
This was the famous Ripper roller coaster
(yep that name alone should have been enough to convince me not to ride it)at the now closed
 Thrill-Ville USA south of Salem. 

08 April 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed....Sharing Today (Part 2)

Spring break in Oregon brought sunshine and blue skies to the coast.
April brought...well it brought normal spring weather to the PNW:)
But we don't let little things like wind, cold and a few showers stop us...
so it was off to Tillamook and Garibaldi for a day trip.
At Bar View County Park we are always met by busy seagulls doing their seagull thing.
And there is often nice wave action on the jetty...
my husband has spent many hours fishing off these rocks when he was younger.
He is part mountain goat...
he can jump from rock to rock.
I, being of sound mind and horrible balance, leave such things to him.
Aren't they great?
I absolutely LOVE these guys!
And now to break the 'gray' theme I have going here...
a little pretty pink by the bay!
I truly, truly LOVE spring blossoms...
at home so many of our fruit trees are filled with blossoms of white and pink.
Inland, at the Tillamook Forest Center, the Wilson River was running high...
and it looked completely different from this summer when we visited here and walked along it.
The turbulent water was everwhere it seemed and along highway 6 I spotted around a dozen waterfalls and cataracts...so amazingly beautiful!
 I SO wanted to stop and take photos of everyone of them...
but once you are in well moving traffic on that road,
you just don't want to stop because you are sure to get stuck behind
someone moving well below the speed limit as we did on the way back
Maybe next time...
 LOVE these mountains!
Blessings this Monday evening,
NO! The driver of the Tillamook Transit Bus
was not one of the slow moving vehicles...
they were driving quite appropriately for the road and weather. 
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