25 September 2015

Summer Wrap Up: Junction City Scandinavian Festival, Scandinavian Princess Daybed

Life has been busy again--mostly for my beloved Farmer Boy.
My smashed car window is now repaired,
a pine tree has been felled (by a professional this time),
the roof is half done (with a temporary ridge cap between the new and old roofing),
the air conditioner has been taken down and stored,
the autumn leaves are wonderful,
the grapes have been ripe for several weeks now
AND I still haven't seen any snakes:)
Oh--and my ever busy hubby is now working on another project.
Such a talented man with MUCH more energy then his wife.
OK, that brings you up-to-date mostly in what has/is going on in our lives.
Now on to summer photos of the Scandinavian Festival.
Years ago we happened on to this festival totally by coincidence.
 One of several Scandinavian festivals in the Pacific NW,
this one is held in downtown Junction City in the Willamette Valley
(Other festivals/celebrations take place in Astoria, Portland, Ballard and Poulsbo. Scandinavians were one of the immigrant groups to the PNW and we even have our very own fjord--the Hood Canal in western Washington)
We love the folk dancing!
The kids are a lot of fun to watch.
(This is a very kid friendly, family event with lots to see and do)
Yours truly loves the aebleskivers--Danish pancake balls.
They are beyond yummy--as the Small One found out.
I especially like them with lingonberry preserves but plain with a bit of powdered sugar is good too.
(These are actually fairly simple to make with some practice and an aebleskiver pan)
I also love lefse, meatballs and...
the not so traditional, but totally yummy cotton candy.
Mmm. It was sugar-licious and  
so BIG that it took all three of us to finish it off.
We stopped by to see the blacksmith at work...
they also have other crafters.
Small One encountered some Vikings--
fortunately they were very friendly Vikings and even let her hold one of their swords.
Sadly we did miss getting a photo of the wonderful trolls wandering about.
I suppose I should let you know the "decorative" cast on her right arm was the result of getting thrown off a horse at "summer camp". Fortunately she still LOVES horses.
I enjoy the different hairstyles the gals wear.
Braids are so lovely.
Love the rosemaling on different buildings also.
I almost always buy something to add to my collection...
But, in keeping with my decluttering goal,
this lovely Scandinavian floral crown was all I bought and
it wasn't for me:) 
Well, it's WAY past time for bed and I am about ready to fall asleep typing so...
Blessings all!
Oh yea.
I forgot to show you our little bit of Scandinavia...
the Nordic Princess Daybed Farmer Boy made his little princess MUCH earlier this year.
Here's a photo of the finished project.
Big enough for an adult
(I know because I slept on it for several nights when I was trying to avoid a moth),
yet cozy and very cool for a child.
I do have a question for all you talented crafters out there though.
We have considered painting some of the Swedish folk designs that you see on the rug on the drawer fronts and possibly painting certain parts of the trim red. Good idea, bad idea?
We're also OK with leaving it as it is in case we want to change the color scheme in the room later.
I have other pillows for the bed too but they aren't in this photo.
Any suggestions oh gifted ones?
(Link to Akerkulla rug in case you need to see the design better--http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20230627/ )
Junction City Scandinavian Festival, August 2015
Scandinavian Princess Bed:
We got some inspiration from Ana White's great website
More from doing a search for photos of Norwegian beds with rosemaling.
And, I liked the drawers on an Ikea daybed and another daybed...
but hubby ended up designing the bed because none of these,
however wonderful, had all the elements we wanted to incorporate in the bed.
Oh--did I say a certain Disney movie played a role in all this to? And a certain Princess?
If anyone is interested in how we put together the bed, let me know and I can post photos of the process. It was a LOT of fun and we're really happy we chose to make one instead of trying to buy something.
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