09 March 2013

And Part Two...

Now this part is going to be painful...
but I promise I will share the pain
(in fact as I prepped the waterfall photos I felt great suffering believe me).
But I promise you a reward
sort of
if you make it all the way to the end.
Now by turning left instead of veering right,
then going to the park,
then going straight where he was supposed to turn,
the right and up, up, up...
my DH actually brought me to a place I have wanted to visit for a long, long time...
(but was too afraid to go)
and he did it without ever knowing he was doing so!
So here we were...
I hesitantly stepped near the edge of the first 'waterfall'...
and then thanked God I didn't fall in.
Now it was time for a little hike...
(yes, for those who know where this photo was taken, this is NOT the first thing you see)
Actually this is one of the first things you see...
depending on where you park that is.
Past a sign with a map,
over a bridge,
up a trail,
by the water...
in the forest
you will come to this
(if you are looking for it)
Oh that was painful!
But I am forcing myself to do this to remind me...
1) the need to brush up on how to take photos of waterfalls.
2) what an amazing, wonderful, loving hubby I have.
You see Aimee was NOT happy at this hike...
not because it wasn't absolutely gorgeous
(because it was),
but because Aimee has a challenge in her life...
and she was just a whole lot nervous that she couldn't
be doing this trail.
But Aimee's DH wouldn't take no for an answer...
So on we trudged...well one of us did.
Past happy, happy hikers and their amazing dogs
(we had our amazing dog with us).
And then we saw steps going UP
(and I do mean UP),
but to the left...a bridge.
And that is where we saw this...
and I almost missed it.
And it wasn't till later that day
that Aimee figured it out...
the DH had not allowed Aimee to stop,
turn back
or give up,
because the DH was NOT doing this hike for himself...
he knew this hike was a dream of Aimee's
and he wanted that dream to come true:)
Sigh ...
I married a really, really sweet man.
Do you have someone like that in your life?
Maybe a spouse,
a sibling,
a best friend?
Someone who wants you to reach your goals,
your dreams?
On to my waterloo
(which was a good, a very good thing).
OK enough of me
now it is time for your reward...
and that reward is a link to the site of a GOOD photographer
one who knows what he is doing:)

When Meeting My Waterloo Involved a Fall (or Two)...and was a good thing:)

Our most recent trip brought us again to the land I love so very much...
the land our family has roots in.
We ate lunch, grabbed at my favorite drive-in
(the type my hubby and I went to when we were younger)
and ate it by the lake...
in view of the mountains.
Pretty, huh?
The water of the lake was like a mirror in places...
the sky,
well you can see for yourself:)
And then my plans got changed
(well actually they changed a bit before this too)...
and I have my hubby to thank for the change!
The change involved a turn to the left...
and brought us to a park...
by a river
where we could see some very, very special rock outcroppings.
And then a missed turn
(missed on purpose)
and a turn to the right
which led us up,
and up,
and up.
Where silence reigned supreme,
the views
(well you can see for yourself)
I wished I had put some family history on my smartphone.
Can you believe this weather?
Couldn't have asked for a better day.
 In addition to not having family history on my smartphone...
I didn't have my zoom either.
Guess that is pretty evident:)
And then we went by a camp...
a camp which held awesome memories for me...
because it was there I heard a wonderful, incredible, beautiful woman speak once...
so many years ago now.
Perhaps you have heard of
She inspires me!
I count hearing her in person as one of the BIG blessings of my life,
along with hearing Corrie ten Boom.
In this day and age
(actually in every day and age)
we need women inspiring other women to be everything God created them to be.
Well back to the trip
and the falls...
What did you do today?
For my fellow PNW friends and visitors,
did you LOVE the weather today as much as I?
Felt like spring
and can you believe it,
we are just a few hours from springing forward!
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