02 March 2012

Snow on Vines: A Trip to the "Wine Country" of Oregon

The other day, after I had gotten over the excitement of snow at our place,

I asked myself...

I wonder what a vineyard looks like in snow?

So, a friend and I took off to explore that area of Oregon,

after Japanese food, of course.

I've been to this area before;

I try to make a trip here at least once a season because of the spectacular views.

Depending on where you are,

you can see the Coast Range (and we know I love those mountains)

or the Cascade Mountains (and I love them too).

This photo, unless I got really turned around on the sometimes rough roads, should be of the Coast Range...and I believe that is the Tualatin Valley between the mountains and where my friend and I were.

Despite the cloud cover and my less than perfect photo,

it was really beautiful with all the snow.

Another view of a hilltop vineyard.

As you can see below, the snow was hit and miss,

depending on where you were in this group of hills.

Nevertheless, it was a great trip and come later spring,

I will be back to find more of nature's treasure.

Lots more photos,

but it's time to work as my DH has promised me another trip this weekend if I can get a lot done today around the house

(he knows how to motivate me on dark, gloomy days like the one today.)

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

Photos: Early March in the "Wine Country" area of Oregon.

01 March 2012

Snow in March--Really?

Right now, you won't see one of these signs on our road

and the view outside our living room window doesn't look like this.

You won't see this beautiful river behind our house

or snow on a roof like this

(actually we don't have a cedar shake roof, which is why you won't see this).

Nope, you won't see anything close to this amount of snow at our house right now...

but had you seen me at around 0600 (6 AM) this morning,

you would have seen some snow on roofs, plants, trees and

you would have seen me taking a lot of photos, dressed in my pj's and with a smile on my face~
They say March snow here is very, very rare...

but I think it is priceless!

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

PS: you wouldn't have seen this either:)

Photos: My Hood National Forest + Byway, winter 2012

29 February 2012

So Close; So Far

It is so close...this jar filled with pastel colored, chocolate almonds.
So very, very close.

I can smell the candies within.
I can feel the hardness of the candy shell under my fingers.
I can taste the smoothness of the chocolate under the sweet candy shell.
I can hear the crunch the candy makes as I chew it slowly (or quickly depending on how much I am craving it).
I can feel the satisfaction of having given in, once again, to my carbo addiction...


It is so close...this jar filled with sweet, calorie laden, pastel colored, chocolate almonds.
So very, very close.
But for today, for this moment in time, it is just too far.

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

The WORD on Wednesday

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

Photo: Mt Hood National Forest, winter 2012

28 February 2012

Birds of a Feather

You and I have visited here before...do you remember? It wasn't long ago at all, but once I find a place I like, I tend to go back...This place is unique because it is located on two rivers--the Willamette and the Clackamas. It is also special because my DDIL (dear daughter-in-law) was the first one to take me here a long time ago.

Last time we were on the Willamette River side of the park;

this time we'll visit the other side of the park.

But be careful, very careful for I hear there are gangs there...

Yep, you can see that this place is just overrun by them...




Scary, huh?

OK, more funny and cute than scary...

I admit:)

Actually, they kind of remind me of the dancing gangs of Westside Story

(oops, there I go dating myself again).

I've always been very partial to waterfowl. When we were younger my sibling owned two ducks--one yellow (Daisy Mae) and one that looked a lot like the duck in the front here (GiGi).

I can hear the music now...can you? Dance ducks, dance...

This one must be sitting (or standing) the dance out.

Oh, oh...this sitting things out seems to be a growing trend.

Can't blame them though--it was more sittin' than dancin' weather.

Until next time...stay warm

(and in the PNW, stay dry).

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

Notes: photos taken near Oregon City on a very, very wet day.

Is It Spring Yet?

I know it isn't, because the calendar says we are still in February...

and the forecast is calling for possible snow (yea, right...sarcasm intended).

But everywhere I look...

blooming daffodils, pieries and more!

Perhaps I forgot to turn the calendar page?

Perhaps it really IS spring.

Perhaps, but I think more proof is in order.

Searching for spring...any signs of it where you are?

Lenten Blessings,


Photo: one of our beautiful PNW rhododendrons.

You will notice, please, it is in my current favorite color:)

27 February 2012

Walking in the Footsteps of my Great-Great Grandfather

Oregon was a lot smaller then--

back when my great-great grandfather and his family were called to come here

and spread the good news of Christ.

It was before the turn of the century when he came--

not by the Oregon Trail, like two of my pioneer families did,
but first by train to California and then by ship.

He was not here for long,

he would die of tuberculosis, quite common in that time,

but he accomplished what he was sent to do...

I hope that I can say the same.

Here is one of the places he preached in.

It is was a one room schoolhouse before they added an addition in 1911.

It is (and this makes me very, very happy) still used to teach...

not reading, writing or arithmetic,

but textile skills.

And BTW---if you want to see some fantastic photos from an artist I hold in awe,

please see Teresa's blog. You will be amazed--I know I am.

I have been here once before, with my parents, during a spring drive.

But I wanted to come back and take photos with a little better camera than I had then.

And besides,

who wouldn't want to come and walk in the footsteps of their ancestor again?

To experience a little of what they would have experienced,

to see the sights they saw.

I never tire of this...

making the past come alive!

Making new memories...

Here in one of my favorite places---

I touched a piece of my past

and remembered the man and his mission.

Have you walked in the footsteps of any of your ancestors?

I highly recommend it:)

Lenten Blessings,


Note: all photos taken this weekend except for the one of Mt Hood...you'll see why shortly when I do post the ones I took on the mountain:) Oh yes, my heart called me to the mountain and real snow this weekend and, of course, I heeded the call.

About the school---it is now Damascus Fiber Arts School.

Teresa has posts about it here

and here.

The information about my ancestor comes from a book that his son wrote, genealogical research of my own and some other family.

Soon to come: the rest of the weekend...and later more coastal photos.

But now it is time to take the dogs out.

Note for my followers:

I just wanted to take time and welcome a new follower; also to let all of you and other visitors know how much you bless me by your presence:)
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