01 March 2012

Snow in March--Really?

Right now, you won't see one of these signs on our road

and the view outside our living room window doesn't look like this.

You won't see this beautiful river behind our house

or snow on a roof like this

(actually we don't have a cedar shake roof, which is why you won't see this).

Nope, you won't see anything close to this amount of snow at our house right now...

but had you seen me at around 0600 (6 AM) this morning,

you would have seen some snow on roofs, plants, trees and

you would have seen me taking a lot of photos, dressed in my pj's and with a smile on my face~
They say March snow here is very, very rare...

but I think it is priceless!

Lenten Blessings, Aimee

PS: you wouldn't have seen this either:)

Photos: My Hood National Forest + Byway, winter 2012


♥ Helen said...

I like snow too :)

aimee said...

Me too--unfortunately none of my kids have inherited that from me!
Lenten Blessings to you + yours,

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