21 April 2014

Easter Weekend Visitors

We had some very special visitors this weekend.
They came wearing their very best apparel.
My hubby ran in to tell me of their arrival and
I rushed out (carefully) in order to give them a proper PNW greeting...
The first visitor was taking a dip in the lower pond with our koi.
I only wish I could know what our fish thought of him.
Myself, I felt it a bit cold for a swim it still being April,
but he seemed to be take it in stride, and
after all, he was properly equipped for such a cold dip.
My hubby and I snuck into the greenhouse...
we tried to be really careful and keep hidden...
but despite our precautions,
our new arrival caught a glimpse of us and decided it was a good time to
 take a stroll around the ponds instead.
Sorry Mr. Duck.

His Mrs. was even more shy.
She stayed pretty well camouflaged amidst the plants of our little woodland.
I never even caught a good look at her,
I may,
may not,
have gotten a photo of her.
It's really, really hard to tell...
We decided it was a good time to leave our little visitors alone to enjoy the ambiance of the day...
we thought it for the best.
Our visitors left at some point the way they came--
without any warning.
We wish them safety and many blessings as we thank our mutual Creator for sending them our way. 
You have to love a place where you never know next
what special creatures will make an appearance.
Have you entertained any special critters
or wonderful people lately?
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