01 March 2013

March 1, 2013

March is here with longer days
(sure noticed this last evening as we were making our way home
 from IKEA, near PDX),
happier koi
(well maybe it is just me that is happier),
daphne getting closer to blooming,
sunlight breaking through the clouds as I type this,
hopefully more days with windows opened like today,
'beads' of beautiful pieris,
In our home March has arrived too...
items in white, natural, ivory seem to be multiplying
making the rooms seem MUCH lighter.
Yep, shades of white...
with little splashes of color in places too:)
In the miscellaneous culinary category...
have you ever tried rosehip juice?
I had my first this morn
and thought it tasted a bit like papaya (maybe).
Speaking of tropical fruit,
I also discovered recently that I am probably NOT allergic to mango after all
after accidentally (and then purposely)
ingesting some chia clusters that had some in them.
After a brief search on the Internet
(source of all knowledge--NOT)
I found that most likely it was the skin/rind of the mango I had reacted to years ago.
Who would have guessed that it contains urushiol--my arch nemesis?
I am now looking forward to trying more mango...
very, very cautiously of course.
Well time to go eat some lefse and Danish cheese,
and check how my scientific experiment is going:)
Wishing you a blessed Friday!

26 February 2013


Truly I can't believe that St. Patrick's Day is less than 3 weeks away...
truly I can't believe I have SO much to do before then:)

Have a great day!
Blessings, Aimee

25 February 2013


Aimee's place now has,
as of yesterday,
daffodils in bloom...
can spring be far away?
What's happening at your place?

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