21 April 2012

No + One Yes

I didn't drop off the face of the earth.
(although it seemed like it at times without Internet access).

I wasn't at home.
(but I was at one of my heart's homes and a place we have family history at).

I didn't log on the minute I regained Internet access (my family is probably in shock with that confession). Why? Well, I was too busy taking photos of snow covered mountains, blue rivers and a whole lot of other beautiful things.

It wasn't my blog, e-mail or even Facebook I checked first...even those things are important to me. It was to check on one little girl.

I did NOT eat the treat I brought back for family (there I go shocking them again).
But now that I am home, yes~
I am about to bite into one:)

Hope you've all been well + enjoying the wonderful season of spring!
I will try to catch up with all your blogs ASAP:)
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