21 April 2012

No + One Yes

I didn't drop off the face of the earth.
(although it seemed like it at times without Internet access).

I wasn't at home.
(but I was at one of my heart's homes and a place we have family history at).

I didn't log on the minute I regained Internet access (my family is probably in shock with that confession). Why? Well, I was too busy taking photos of snow covered mountains, blue rivers and a whole lot of other beautiful things.

It wasn't my blog, e-mail or even Facebook I checked first...even those things are important to me. It was to check on one little girl.

I did NOT eat the treat I brought back for family (there I go shocking them again).
But now that I am home, yes~
I am about to bite into one:)

Hope you've all been well + enjoying the wonderful season of spring!
I will try to catch up with all your blogs ASAP:)


Gracie said...

Welcome Home!!! I have only visited you a few times, but hope to stop by more and get to know you a bit better. The header photo is so pleasing to me...reminding me of several lovely trips to Victoria, BC. Blessings to you and yours. <3

aimee said...

Welcome Gracie!
First off, let me say I love your name:) Secondly, I am very pleased to meet you! Our fellow blog friend, Teresa, has told me about you so it is truly a pleasure to have you visit!
I am glad you enjoyed the new header photo and that it reminded you of Victoria, BC because I have great memories of there too (Olde English Inn, the harbour, the Empress Hotel, etc.).
This particular photo was taken southeast of Victoria at Port Townsend...it is a beautiful Victorian seaport located in NW Washington and one of my favorite places to visit:)Have you been there before?
TY again for stopping by...have a great week!

Grayseasailor said...

Aimee, I haven't visited Port Townsend, yet, but thanks to your introduction I hope I can one day! Both times that I went to Victoria I took the ferry from Port Angeles.
We are enjoying the break in our April showers! The windows and doors of our house are flung open to invite in the warm fresh air, and my son-in-law is out mowing the lawn. Bliss! <3

aimee said...

I hope you can visit Port Townsend sometime--I think you would really love it there! It is only an hour or so from Port Angeles and well worth the time, especially if you like Victorian homes, wooden boats and history.
My windows are open too---wore cropped pants today:)
Blessings, Aimee

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