25 April 2012

A Beginning

Every journey must have a beginning...
we'll start ours in the City of Roses, Portland.
Actually, this photo would not come first, but who said this blog post has to be chronological
(and besides I LOVE our snow capped Mt. Hood and
 figure it is a great photo to start ANY post with).
This is SW Portland, the downtown area, as seen from the Spaghetti (Markham) Bridge.
It is not one of Portland's more beautiful bridges,
but driving over it does give one a chance to see some pretty views.
 This is OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science + Industry)--
a very cool place to take kids.
My grandkids loved it there when we went a few years ago.
It is located on the eastside of Portland which is divided into two by a river, the Willamette.
Now we are moving into Washington state, crossing over the Columbia River.
They are planning to build a new bridge to replace this one sometime in the future because of the increased traffic now using it to cross from state to state.
And yes, that is Mt. Hood again---
and some people enjoying the river.  
We saw lots of people enjoying the waterways of both Oregon and Washington on trip;
boating is popular here.
The Gospodor Monument--
an eye catching memorial along the major north-south route (I5)
in western Washington.
It is always fun to try and capture a photo of them while traveling at freeway speeds (70 mph).
If you browse the web, you will find that people have definite ideas on this monument.
What do you think about it?
One thing that most people like are barns and I really LOVE to take photos of them.
This one was a few minutes north of the Gospodor Monument.
Now as you may have figured out,
the photos I am posting are a compilation of ones I took over two different days.
The really beautiful blue ones of SW Washington and Portland are from the trip southward,
when we saw -- at least 4 of the best known Cascade Mt peaks.
Any guesses from you locals as to which one this is?
Well every journey must have a beginning and every post an ending...
more later:)


Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

I'll hazard a guess - it is Mt. St. Helen's It looks pretty flat to be anything else. Beautiful photos, Aimee. I always marvel at our wonderful city and am so thankful to live in such an amazing place. Great post!

aimee said...

You are totally RIGHT--it is Mt St Helens (photos of Mt Rainier to come still).
Portland is definitely a pretty city with the views of the waterways, the gardens, the West Hills, etc.
Glad you enjoyed the post and the photos:)

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