28 April 2012

Port Townsend: Pt II

Fair weather continues as we tour Port Townsend...
very fitting for a port city I think.
Also located in the downtown district is this beauty...
I love how all the window coverings match, don't you?
FYI, in case I haven't made this clear yet, the downtown district is the one located on the waterfront.
It is where many of the shops are located today including my fav ice cream place and bookstore
(more about them soon). 
The uptown district is above it, on a bluff. It too has some shops. If you visit Port Townsend,
you MUST stop at the Visitor Center there (located near the Safeway) and ask them for a map/guide to the historic homes and buildings. It will make your tour of the city much easier and give you details on the sites you are seeing. Also, they are really great people and a lot of fun to talk to
 (BTW--I have found in ALL my travels that the Visitor Centers, Chamber of Commerces are always great sources of information on the area's attractions, places to eat, history, etc. LOVE them)..
In addition to historic buildings, I take many, many photos of historic homes wherever I travel to.
Port Townsend has many of them;
 this is the Ann Starrett mansion, currently a hotel.
Isn't it beautiful? 
Look at the detail!
And here is the beautiful steeple of yet another historic church in
uptown (on the bluff) Port Townsend. And if you look really carefully, you can see the
Saturday Market...I LOVE Farmer Markets! Do you?
North Beach Park--popular with the locals and those who know about it:) 
A view of the Point Wilson lighthouse at Fort Worden from another of my favorite parks...
Chetzemoka (and yes I had to look up the spelling on this, but I wanted to get it right because the park is named after a Native American chief. From some quick research on the Internet, I find that he was a man of peace so I am glad he is still remembered today). 
The gazebo at the park. There is also an arbor which is covered by climbing roses in the summer,
an oriental type garden (with a palm tree--yes I know you are shocked but we DO have some types of palm trees in the PNW) and many other beautiful plants and trees. It also--as you can see--has an amazing view. 
The Manresa Castle--or at least one of my favorite towers of the castle.
The Castle, once a home, is currently being used as a hotel.
I don't think I've ever been inside it...but I think my parents have eaten there.
If you'd like to see more of its exterior just leave a comment (you can do so anonymously)
and I will post one that shows more of the castle..
More later...time for bed.
Wishing you a blessed weekend.

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