26 April 2012

Journey Along Washington's Fjord: Pt II

Our journey continues as we head further north and closer to our our first night's destination...
  both coming and going we are blessed by the blue, blue waters of the Hood Canal--
not a man-made canal, but an authentic fjord formed by glaciers they say.
We pass many, many evergreen and decidous trees.
Did you know that Washington is known as the Evergeen State?
All these trees make me wish there was a way to go back in time,
back to the time my great-great aunt lived and taught on the Olympic Peninsula...
Oh, how I would have loved to see this place as it was then;
maybe from the decks of a small ship or on the back of a horse.
It is no wonder that SO many Scandinavians settled in NW Washington;
they were reminded of the beauty of their homelands.
So much beauty...
I wonder what brought my great great aunt here?
She wasn't a Scandinavian, as far as I know.
Yet she came...for reasons still unknown to me,
and somehow, somewhere she met her husband to be for the first time.
He was a Swede.
They would wed and settle near the banks of the Hood Canal.
not on the Olympic Peninsula where she had taught
(and where these photos were taken),
but on the Kitsap Peninsula where they would farm.
 I guess that is why I love it so much here--
or at least one of the reasons why I love it so much here.
It's exciting to travel to the gorgeous places my ancestors
and their families visited and/or lived in.
 It is like walking in their shoes...to do so.
And when I am here...  
 I can imagine what they thought when they caught a view of the Olympic Mountains for the first
(or hundredth) time. Did it take their breath away or cause them to get tears in their eyes too?
How could it not?
Yes, the heavens and the earth DO tell us a lot about God.
For one thing, it tells me that He loves His children.
I am sure they felt loved as they gazed upon His Handiwork too.
And, just like me, they probably responded with gratitude for the gifts
we all have been given.
Gifts which make me feel very, very blessed.
I hope you feel blessed too,

Coming soon: a Victorian seaport and more.
Please excuse any mispellings and poor grammar;
life has been very challenging lately.


Grayseasailor said...

One of the ways I am drawn to God is by enjoying His amazing creation...it's incredible beauty and awesome power. When we first moved to the Portland area and Mt. Hood would burst into view as I was driving along I would have to lecture myself about being a safe driver and not slamming on the brakes so I could gawk and squawk about the view. <3

aimee said...

Me too, me too:)
Blessings, Aimee

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