23 November 2012

On November 23rd, at exactly 2214, I am...

STARVING for a BIG bowl of this...

Just talked to her
(and her older brother)...
Thinking of this little one
(and all my grandkids and kids)...
HUNGRY for this (in addition to a BIG bowl of pho)...
Wishing I was HERE...
or perhaps HERE... 
Dreaming of THIS...
(even though one of my SILs won't be happy about that thought)
but also dreaming of sunshine and blue skies...
And DOING this...
except it isn't the middle of summer,
it is definitely NOT dry, warm, sunny and light outside
and it's not nearly as fun to do laundry using my clothes dryer--
but it does work:)
What are you up to?
 Oh yea--instead of the yummy pho
and equally delicious Irish Stew,
I just had some pretty tasty challah bread with sharp cheddar cheese melted all over it.
But I am still hungry...
1. Beef Pho at Bambuza Vietnamese Grill
(During one of my son + my "foodie" runs--SO fabulous I could eat it weekly!
We also had some very good spring rolls and Thai Iced Tea-yum!)
Their website should you want to know more...
2. DDD at the beach
one of my beautiful granddaughters
 (at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center)
(LOVE that octopus--LOVE this place!)
3. Irish Lamb Stew at Kell's
(once a year is NOT enough)
4. At Timberline, Mt Hood
(LOVE the beautiful historic lodge there;
love this mountain!)
5. Woodland Lavender
Beautiful, fragrant lavender...
LOVE this place!
6. Rhododendron Dairy Queen
(awesome staff and chocolate!)
8. Drying laundry outside this year
(SO miss these days)
A BIG thank you to Bambuza Bistro, Kell's, Woodland Lavender, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center and Rhodo DQ for their kind permission to take and post photos here...
can hardly wait to visit all of you again:) 

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours...have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!
We plow the fields, and scatter the good seed on the land,
But it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand;
He sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain,
The breezes and the sunshine, and soft refreshing rain.

All good gifts around us
Are sent from heaven above,
Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord
For all His love.

He only is the Maker of all things near and far;
He paints the wayside flower, He lights the evening star;
The winds and waves obey Him, by Him the birds are fed;
Much more to us, His children, He gives our daily bread,

We thank Thee, then, O Father, for all things bright and good,
The seed time and the harvest, our life, our health, and food;
No gifts have we to offer, for all Thy love imparts,
But that which Thou desirest, our humble, thankful hearts.

Thank you God.

Aimee, Farmer Boy + the Furry Ones
We Plow the Fields.
Lyrics by Matthias Claudius
Translated to English by Jane M. Campbell, 1861
first appearing in A Garland of Songs
by Charles S. Bere, 1862.
Info as found on
Cyber Hymnal™,  http://www.hymntime.com/tch

This song or at least part of it, brings back some great memories of the play Godspell
(later put to film) and time spent living in view of the one of the waterways of the Emerald City.
I've always loved that beautiful city, this play and the lyrics to this song
on which the play's
All Good Gifts song is based.

Other links:
We Plow the Fields (song)
Thanksgiving overview
To see some photos associated with the Pilgrims please see posts labeled "Thanksgiving"

taken during a road trip with my oldest son, October 2012.

20 November 2012

Tuesday Morn + More

The storm has passed (with hurricane force winds on the coast)
and today the weather is expected to be a bit calmer
although still rainy and windy at times.
I still cannot upload to Blogger even when I reduce the photo size
so I hope you won't mind if I post a few photo favorites of mine...
 Our family room flooring is done (except for the finish moulding) and for the most part I am very happy with it! We now have laminate in the kitchen, dining room and family room...this weekend we will do the living room and hallway. I am SO excited to get rid of our wall to wall blue carpet as it had become so worn, stained and smelly! We are moving away from a mainly blue color palette to a more earth toned one.
Our dogs, however, are not too happy with the floor and the other day the biggest one jumping down from the sofa slid quite a few feet, probably adding to this feeling (I felt bad as he is nearly blind and it must have been very scary for him). Since then we have added a area rug and I may add another one.
Recently we harvested some of our kiwi (fuzzy) and apples too.
 I'm hoping that later today I will feel well enough to process them and the ice apples I bought a week ago when we were out and about...
I am SO tired of feeling sick and having pain:(
Thanksgiving will be quiet here --just the DH and I since my oldest moved south.
We will be having turkey (of course),
cranberry streusel sweet potatoes,
haricots verts
(links below on both of these veggie side dishes),
and more.
Before he left we did a Foodie Run in Portland and as soon as I can get them posted I will.
It is always fun to explore new places with him and I will miss that (but mostly I miss him).
 The other day a huge Blue Heron flew over our land--
it was amazing! We also saw some Canadian geese.
I will be happy when the weather improves a bit so we can
visit a National Wildlife Refuge and the Jewel Elk Preserve !
Time to get some breakfast...but first 2 Scandinavian Christmas crafts links I liked :)
From Sweden:
This is a 4 part series on how to make a julbock for outdoors Christmas decorating. Many beautiful photos of Sweden on this blog also.
From Norway:
A "how to" on making Norwegian heart baskets from felt. I have always liked the woven baskets made out of paper but I love these! This blog also has a large amount of posts on Nordic Christmas traditions-including recipes.
~   ~   ~
Thanksgiving Links:
Cranberry Streusel Sweet Potatoes
Hericots Verts
How have you been?
Clackamette Park, Oregon City
Wine Country area
SE Portland
(love Portland's public art!)
Independence, Oregon
More Wine Country
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