28 March 2015

Spring Break: Along Yaquina Bay and Parts North

It's spring break in Oregon,
so mid-week my best friend of many, many years and I spent
some time together on the central Oregon coast. And, because there
was no school, we brought some of our favorite kiddos along--
Small One and my BFF's grandson.
Some photos from our daytrip...
In this aquarium some of the creatures stare back at you...
(Speaking of creatures, it's prime whale watching time right now in Oregon
so get out to your favorite headland and bring a good pair of binoculars!)
A view of the Yaquina Bay bridge from a different vantage point than I've seen before.
I'll have to come back on a sunnier day and take another photo...
and maybe, maybe take some using my zoom lens too.

The Yaquina Bay lighthouse.
There are two lighthouses in the area--this one and the Yaquina Head lighthouse
which is located a little further to the north.
Kind of an unusual lighthouse in that the living quarters and light are in the same building.
A little closer view of the bridge I love--
when I'm not on it that is.  
One of the murals along the historic, working bayfront area...
sadly we couldn't get parking this time. Of course I've been here before
so I wasn't too disappointed.  
A quick drive-by shot in the Nye Beach district--
another historic area in Newport.
Can you see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse off to the left?
After a yummy shrimp melt sandwich at Moe's
(yes we went up to the Siletz Bay one then we returned south to Beverly Beach
for some fun in the sand and surf).
A new game...

with an expected outcome.
Just to let you know, I wasn't too comfy with this game
and made her move further up on the sand.
Too many news reports on sneaker waves...

Kite flying time...
for my friend, granddaughter and I.
See how the sun came out?

A view to the north...
It was a GREAT day,
full of some surprises,
some new-to-us destinations
a lot of good conversation.
Makes it all the harder knowing things will soon change...
Well we have a lot of plans for tomorrow so it's time,
past time actually,
for some shut eye.
Good night :)
Wishing you all a very blessed Palm Sunday weekend!
Hatfield Marine Science Center (OSU)
(link above to another post I did with a lot more photos and a link to their site)
Newport's south jetty
(first time there!)
Newport's historic bayfront
(lots to look at and as an extra bonus, sea lions)
Beverly Beach

23 March 2015

What Serenity Looks Like

Serenity surrounded us there.
It accompanied me as I passed by the ponds.

It filled my heart as I beheld this grove of trees.
And with it came a sense of wonder as I stood on the bridge watching a pair of ducks below
and later contemplated the seed head of a dandelion.
The calls of assorted birds could be heard as I wondered along
through forest, meadow and oak savannah.
They filled my heart with joy!
For a time this past Sunday this is what serenity looked like.  
What kind of places make you feel peaceful?

The WORD on Monday:)
These things I have spoken unto you,
that in Me ye might have peace.
In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world.
John 16:33 KJV
Early spring.
Tualatin River NWR
(one of several refuges in the Willamette Valley--all unique;
all wonderful when you're looking for a bit of serenity and wonder)
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