12 July 2011

Last Week Views

I am supposed to be doing laundry, dishes and getting ready to take off for the night,

but instead I am browsing through photos of last week...

and remembering.

A trip to Astoria--

this is the detail on the historical Liberty Theater.

I LOVE old theaters!

Part of the remains of the Peter Iredale

and a local resident. This was taken on the beach at Ft Stevens State Park--

a favorite of mine!

It was beautiful there but very, very windy!

Wildflowers -

we saw lots of these on Sunset Hwy

but even more on Hwy 30 along the lower Columbia River.

I LOVE wildflowers!

Today I saw my first beloved Bachelor Buttons of the summer--

unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me:(

A flock of birds at Ft Stevens--

they weren't the only thing in the sky there:)

More about that at a later time.

At one of my favorite rest areas--who says that a rest area is just for resting?

More at the beautiful seashore...

The Astor Column from the town below.

BTW--if you would like to see more photos of Ft Stevens or Astoria you can use the search feature to find them on my blog; like I said

I LOVE Astoria:)

OK time to go and get ready....

sorry about being so rambling this eve but hope you enjoyed the photos.

Blessings, Aimee

Photos: Northern Oregon coast, summer 2011.

11 July 2011

Tea for Two + Nordic Goodies

Last week,

while my beautiful DD + three of my adorable grandkids were here,

we traveled to a little piece of heaven---AKA Astoria, Oregon!

And while we were there, I couldn't resist stopping at my FAVORITE bakery

and stocking up on some of fav Nordic treats!

I can never resist stopping and shopping here because I LOVE this place!!!

Let me give you several reasons why...

all very yummy! Actually this is a photo from sometime ago...

this time I bought a loaf of cardamom bread (that I shall start on tomorrow),

a whole bunch of my all time favorite Finnish pinwheels-

most with prune filling and a few with lemon filling!


another favorite of mine, fattigman pastries (hope I spelled that correctly)!

Yes, life was very, very sweet here for several days as I munched happily on my Nordic treats!

But alas--all good things have to come to an end

and today I bravely faced an almost empy box

and decided a 'tea' was a fitting ending to my Nordic treat journey:)

And it seemed only fitting to do a tea for two,

because I had been wanting to do that for awhile.

And when it was all done and there were nothing left of my goodies,

I came my usual conclusion: I really need to go back to Astoria very, very soon!

Do any of you have a favorite Nordic or other national treat?


Blessings, Aimee


Bakery Info: Home Bakery, 2845 Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon (503) 325-4631

A very BIG TY to the kind owner who gave me permission

to include info on their bakery here along with photos:)

As per my usual disclaimer, I am in no way associated with this business,

except that I have enjoyed their treats for many years now!
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