12 July 2011

Last Week Views

I am supposed to be doing laundry, dishes and getting ready to take off for the night,

but instead I am browsing through photos of last week...

and remembering.

A trip to Astoria--

this is the detail on the historical Liberty Theater.

I LOVE old theaters!

Part of the remains of the Peter Iredale

and a local resident. This was taken on the beach at Ft Stevens State Park--

a favorite of mine!

It was beautiful there but very, very windy!

Wildflowers -

we saw lots of these on Sunset Hwy

but even more on Hwy 30 along the lower Columbia River.

I LOVE wildflowers!

Today I saw my first beloved Bachelor Buttons of the summer--

unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me:(

A flock of birds at Ft Stevens--

they weren't the only thing in the sky there:)

More about that at a later time.

At one of my favorite rest areas--who says that a rest area is just for resting?

More at the beautiful seashore...

The Astor Column from the town below.

BTW--if you would like to see more photos of Ft Stevens or Astoria you can use the search feature to find them on my blog; like I said

I LOVE Astoria:)

OK time to go and get ready....

sorry about being so rambling this eve but hope you enjoyed the photos.

Blessings, Aimee

Photos: Northern Oregon coast, summer 2011.


Soili said...

Your pictures look so familiar to me... beautiful Pacific Northwest! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

aimee said...

It seems like we like the same places--I also have been to the Scandinavian Festival there quite a few times!
I LOVE your photos and blog; you are most welcome and thanks for stopping by here:)

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