22 July 2011

Dear Daughter Doggie Takes A Trip

Hi, everyone!

Mom is very busy now getting ready for tomorrow

so I thought I would make a blog post for her-

I think she will be very excited to know that I have GREAT computer tech skills,

don't you?

Now I have many things I could blog about--




my onery siblings...

but I finally decided to blog about the recent trip my human parents took me on.

I think you'll like that best.

Besides it includes two of my fav subjects-

the beautiful PNW



I was very bored that day

and was doing my very best 'poor' doggie impression...

sure enough it worked and mom said I could go!


those acting classes are paying off:)

It was a beautiful day

(it wasn't raining for once)

and miles of road passed under our car's tires

and then

we were there!

We passed by beautiful pastures and hillsides,

old barns on hills,


more wildflowers


even more wildflowers!


everything looked beautiful


I can tell you,

smelled even better than it looked!

A lot of the best time was spent on gravel roads that went up and down the hillsides,

into forests and by woodlands

over rivers where mom insisted on getting out of our vehicle to take photos..

but I could understand why,

because I really wanted to get out too...

and then it was over

and I was a very, very tired puppy

who was happy mom had brought a fuzzy, soft blanket that day.

Which reminds me it is past midnight here and I need to get to sleep.

After all,

mom and dad just might take me bye-bye tomorrow

or at least a dog can always hope:)


DDD for Mommie Aimee


Erika said...

Your daughter doggie is sooo cute!!! I enjoyed reading about her trip...how adorable! I have a daughter doggie too, her name is Beba, a barely 5 lbs chihuahua who loves trips too. I'll check in to read about more stories...I like this blog. Take care, Blessings,

Erika and Beba

aimee said...

Hey, Erika + Beba Dog!
Thank you SO very much for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed reading about my baby's trip--she is really fun to take places:)

Oh-I LOVE chihuahuas!! My daughter had a long-haired one that was SO adorable and a friend of mine had one so small that he fit into her purse!! It was so funny when she took him with us shopping:)

TY again for visiting, sharing about Beba and for your sweet comments! Have a great day and take care:)


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