26 July 2011

Summer Garden Blessings

Life is hard sometimes.

Some news makes you cry and wonder 'why'.

When life is like that it helps when I walk outside

and see all the blessings God brings me



Here are a few of the blessings brought my way lately-

I hope they will bless you too.

Ahhh! Juicy blueberries--

smallest harvest I remember but enough to enjoy

and still share some with my blueberry loving dogs:)

Beautiful, heavenly lavender.


and edible too

because this is one of many culinary lavenders we planted a few years ago.
And a bee! When I was a child I used to get stung at least once a year.

One would think I'd be afraid of bees after that-

but I have learned to know good bees

from those with an attitude!

This is a good bee:)

When I see this beautiful yucca plant

I am thankful.

Thankful that my DH planted it,

thankful that God created it.

I LOVE yucca plants,

do you?

Another garden blessing.

This is a lingonberry--one of 6 or 7.

I was very, very sad that there seemed to be no hope of a crop this year;

our spring and early summer were that bad.

But look!

It's doing just fine

as are the evergreen huckleberries!

I HAVE plans for their berries,

yummy plans:)

Another beautiful garden blessing--

the beginning of what is one of my favorite summer blossoms!


I LOVE crocosmia-

they always make me smile!

What makes you smile?

Another thing that makes me smile?

All the blooms (you) in my cyber garden

and in the cyber gardens I visit.

May you be blessed as you bless me.



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