26 July 2011

A Summer's Day Journey

Earlier this summer we made a journey to a place of many hills

and at least one rooster-

this one!

Our journey started out on paved roads,

but then transitioned (making me very, very happy) to gravel ones.

We traveled past fields and many trees-both evergreen and deciduous.

It was a place of many hillside vineyards--this area is famous for them! We passed by one where I was surprised to see something you would not normally find on a fence! One wonders who put it there and why:)

In addition to the vineyards on hillsides,

we also found beautiful flowers of many colors

beside the (very steep in some places) road--

it was a fun trip!

There were many gorgeous views of the countryside below the hills.

This one I didn't see till I happened to glance in the side mirror and yelled at my DH to STOP--being the kind, patient, loving hubby that he is, he obliged me:)He also pointed out rabbits, the rooster, quail and other wild creatures--unfortunately I couldn't see most of them before they scampered away-I am not gifted with the 'eagle eyes' of my DH--

One vineyard we passed had planted beautiful roses at the start of each row of grapes

(I hope my 'drive by' photos give you at least an idea of how beautiful they really were)!

It was a great way to spend a summer day, even though DDD (darling daughter dog) was a BIT upset when we got home that eve!

Hope you enjoyed the journey!

Blessings, Aimee

Note: I am having a problem with the html formatting again--sigh--the challenges of blogging!Sorry if my grammar is off too--my DH and I are discussing directions right now and watching TV at the same time--sometimes multi-tasking should NOT be done:)

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