21 October 2014

Of Birthdays + Beaches

As always I stressed out the night before,
 trying to pick out the very best beach for her birthday celebration.
The timing of the high and low tides weren't what I had hoped for;
the expected arrival of the next storm system made outside adventures a bit iffy too...
I shouldn't have bothered with all that planning--
this girl knew EXACTLY where she wanted to go
 and her choice, though unexpected,
was perfect and a MUCH better one than I would have chosen.
And the other worries?
Totally a waste of time too.
You see--
God answers the prayers of little girls
(and their stressed out Grandma's).
A few drops of light rain at first, then a few drops towards the end,
with a whole LOT of dry
and even some sun in between!
And the timing of the tides?
Well it did mean we had to wade through the creek
 to get to the main part of the beach...
but that just made the trip all the more memorable.
Down by THE rock,
 waves were a bit wild and beautiful as they crashed against the island and then flowed around it!
(The waves and different currents around the rock and up the creek fascinate me)
The birthday girl.
At times, blowing sand created some very neat effects on the northern section of the beach.
It did sting the bare legs a bit though. Ouch!
Perhaps it's time to put away summer's cropped pants?

The smaller castle 'cousin' of one built further up the beach by Small One and her Papa
(the huge one I didn't take a photo of--sigh).
I called this one a hobbit castle.
Love all the windows...
hobbits need to be able to watch for those wild incoming waves too.
No whole sand dollars here but all beaches have 'treasure' if one is willing to look.
A very adorable toddler we saw found a 'palm tree' and was happily carrying it up the beach:)
One of the many gulls who were visiting the beach on this autumn day. 
Poor hubby; poor quilt...
good thing both washed up well:)
At times the clouds parted and the sun lit up the waves. Pretty!
 Looking southwards towards the headland and 'the rock'.
A whole different perspective from this direction.
A great walk--a great day!
Is it possible to have a bad day when you're surrounded by such beauty?
Nope, not for us it isn't.
Happy Birthday (not so) Small One!
Love you always:)
Neskowin Beach, Tillamook County, Oregon
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