29 December 2012

Scenes of the Season: Christmas 2012

Reindeer and tomte/nisse
yummy stollen
An angel music box, tablecloth and...
 a favorite dinnerware pattern from my past -- all connections to my mom whom I miss daily
but especially at this time of the year.
The makings of jul neg...
and an annual Nordic Christmas tree.
and light,
lots and lots of light in this time of sadness (for some)
and darkness.
to remind me of the Light of the World who is Christ Jesus.
Blessings on this late December morn,
Part of my collection of reindeer and tomte/nisse
(two of my fav seasonal things)
Stollen--my first.
(this is from Beaverton Bakery--an awesome bakery located not too far from Portland)
Angel music box, tablecloth
(from my mom)
Friendly Village dinnerware--in several patterns
(also from my mom)
Wheat and Scandinavian ribbon to make jul neg from
Scandinavian straw and painted wood ornaments collected over the years.
Lantern with fresh PNW greens.
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