30 April 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane That Brought Us Up A Mountain (and the WORD on Wednesday)

Back in time to Easter 2014~
I had been thinking about visiting a certain destination for quite a long time...
I consulted a topographic map
(which made it clear this wasn't going to be an easy trip for me)...
but still something compelled me to want to see this place--
to relive a little bit of my childhood again.
So Easter of this year we headed towards a certain forest service road
(another clue it wasn't going to be an easy trip)...
on the way there,
I announced I had changed my mind...
my hubby hadn't changed his:)
So up we went on this narrow winding
(but thankfully paved road),
The views were pretty amazing
but there was a reason there are almost no photos going up
(the terrain map was correct and there was no guardrail).
And then we were there...
The lake was situated amidst a forest on the mountain.
The water was peaceful and there were lots of reflections to be seen
(along with a family and fishermen).
It was SO quiet...
Out of order photo--
a bit of the roadside scenery
(in other places you could see nearby mountains and the view at the very top of this mountain is said to be spectacular on a sunny day).
Moss, moss everywhere--
I LOVE moss, can you tell?
Some skunk cabbage from across the lake with reflections...
This is an old picnic shelter...
there were also some camping sites and hiking trails in the area.
And some very special lake inhabitants.
On another note--
for those who might be interested,
tomorrow will be the 63rd National Day of Prayer here in the USA.
My granddaughter and I are planning to say a prayer for our nation...
you are welcome to join us in doing so..
see this website for more info:
And some verses quite appropriate for tomorrow
(and everyday)...
Rejoice evermore.
 Pray without ceasing.
 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
 I Thessalonians 5:16-18 KJV
Mt Hebo area
(Hebo Lake)
As my special visitor is still here...
and still wide awake,
please excuse any errors :)

28 April 2014

On the Making of New Memories

From this weekend~
We've had a little visitor for several days now and have been very busy making memories...
playing at a playground,
eating out 
clothes shopping
(in anticipation of the warm temps forecasted for later this week),
story time at a library,
bedtime prayers
(A LOT of)
bedtime procrastination
by a certain young lady.
And did I say? 
having LOTS and LOTS of fun!
Today we continued that fun in the historic Oregon City area.
First up (in the photos at least) a stop at the Willamette Falls Scenic Overlook--
where Small One learned that a long, long time ago her daddy almost
made an unexpected trip over these very falls in a boat along with his brother, dad and auntie
(but fortunately they didn't).
Notice something Grandma neglected to do this morning?
Grandma needs to take care of that when Small One wakes up.
Of course we had to pay our respects to the natives...
native birds that is.
And, as always, there were many of our feathered friends there today--
pigeons, ducks and geese.
Lots of fisherman, dogs and happy people too
(it's hard not to be happy when you are standing in a park
 built between two rivers on a somewhat sunny day)
We were able to get really, really close this time...
Aren't they beautiful?
Small One said this was her favorite activity today..
it was mine too:)
LOVED this duck!
  More memories made on this pretty spring day...
MUCH less scary than the ones made at the falls decades ago.
How was your Saturday? Did you make some new memories.
Blessings, Aimee 

Sorry that I am a bit behind on my blog browsing...
hope to catch up on all of your blogs later this week when the Small One leaves :)

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