12 August 2015

Coastal Collection (+ A Bit Of A Catchup)

Oh my have we been busy these past weeks.
Small One returned from her visit to summer "camp" and we had the pleasure of her company for several days, including a family reunion where we got to chat with relatives we hadn't seen in quite awhile! A lovely trip was made to my beloved mountains where childhood memories were revisited when we rediscovered a swimming hole. Time was spent along the always beautiful sea too where we enjoyed watching a historic train and ate a picnic lunch at a favorite place.
New memories were made at a beloved Scandinavian Festival in the valley,
 where a young one tried out folk dancing, and then just a day later, at a beautiful hillside setting, for a wonderful pow wow. These were some of our fun times.
More challenging times have been dealing with our house and its ongoing problems. Mature, beloved shrubs and trees had to be cut down---cut down with only a slight glimmer of hope that they will grace our life again. But there was no choice as repairs have to be made on the house before the autumn rain season begins and their continued presence would have endangered my Farmer Boy. Sigh, deep--deep sigh.
Speaking of rain--we badly need some. A soaking rain. Actually several soaking rains. This drought is really taking a toll all over the Pacific NW. With all this busyness and stress I feel a bit parched too and am thankful Elul begins this week--I badly need it!
And now, a few photos till I have more time:)
The Three Graces--near Garibaldi + Barview
(love, love, love these beautiful rocks!)
Neskowin Beach
Spoiled, cute, white, fluffy dog at Neskowin
Spoiled, cute, white, fluffy dog having some lunch at Neskowin
Local residents of Bayocean (bayside)
shot as usual during the not-so-golden hours
 Cape Meares Lake
and the Cape Meares community
(from Bayocean Dike Road)
A Neskowin Beach resident
LOL--love this one:)
Before I go, a WORD for Wednesday -- a good verse for Elul too.
You caused abundant rain to fall, O God.
When Your inheritance was weary You revived it.
Psalm 68:9 LEB
Revive us LORD.
Wising you all a joy filled August!
Scripture quotations marked (LEB) are from the Lexham English Bible.
Copyright 2012 Logos Bible Software. Lexham is a registered trademark of Logos Bible Software.
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