14 July 2015

Return to Kilchis Point

It was over a year ago that we first walked some of the trail system at the Kilchis Point Reserve.
When I recently found out they had made some more improvements to the trail that leads to the wonderful Tillamook Bay, I knew we had to revisit ---
so I said au revoir to my current mission of decluttering
and we (being the Farmer Boy, the furry one and I) took off for a day along the bay.
The flowers were beautiful...
The trails were fabulous--
paver bricks on the trailhead loop,
compacted gravel on the other trails
and wooden bridges over the creeks--some of which looked pretty dry to us.
We really, really need a soaking rain right now.  
The forest and woodlands were a Celtic gal's delight with green everywhere!
Got to LOVE that color...
especially with many areas looking more like late summer right now.
Woodland canopy--nice!
Sweet birdsong included for free!
Many educational interpretive signs to read along all the trails...
And about a mile later...
A view of Tillamook Bay from the new, incredibly fragrant cedar gazebo!
with an ADA ramp nonetheless
(sorry about the overexposed bay in the background. I'll have to research how to fix that).
Of course, there was NO way I was going to stop at the gazebo--
no matter how fragrant it was.
Down to the bay,
the beautiful bay...
muddy sandals, pretty views!
Oh to see this lovely place at sunrise or sunset when the light is golden and wonderful.
Undisturbed, peaceful, natural.  
No wonder I often daydream about being in my pioneer ancestor's shoes...
to see large areas like this, to live in an area like this.
Pure paradise.
I can hardly wait till their next update--
I am REALLY excited about it:)
Well it's time to eat the marionberries my DH picked for me.
Yep, turned out we had a few left and they're all mine :)
Thank you hubby!

I leave you with this picture of a Kilchis Point Reserve resident.
Neat huh?
Hope you enjoyed our trip to the bay...
time for berries!
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